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DOT 42 bayonet S 24t

Article about: You might be right Jim I may have it backwards and 43 were harder to find I don't remember I think any of them aren't easy to find I had a good one once and let it go now they are a lot more

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    Hello Andy, I’m very happy to see a Slovakian perspective on the items made there for the Wehrmacht. And while it would seem that German Army inspectors were in the arms factories working, the point is well noted that in the late summer of 1940 Reichswerke A.-G. für Erzbergbau und Eisenhütten "Hermann Göring" did acquire a financial interest in Zbrojovka Brno a. s. Which also happened with additional industrial assets in other countries as well (although as an interesting IMO sidenote the Reichswerke lost its effort to take control of the FB Radom factory in Poland).

    With the manufacture of scabbards at Bystrica that were completed at Brno which is new to me, but not something that I find unsettling. Along with its (závod II, Považská Bystrica) origin during the Imperial time as a (differently named and I believe location) ammunition factory. Which as I understand it was located in newly constructed buildings that were started at the end of the 1920‘s. With Best Regards, Fred

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    Hello Fred, nice to see You there. The origin ammunition plant was Georg Roth, Pressburg, formed in 1871 as second plant of Wienna, the plant was in period post 1918 owned partly by state, and were renamed and partly buyed by CSZB in late 20ies, and restocked and joined fully with ZB in early 30 ies, in same period it was moved to Povazska Bystrica location. The rifle and bayonet production was only side production. Started there in 1937 in small numbers. best regards,Andy

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    Brünn made 1942 and 1943 this bayonets in the configuration

    hier 1943

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