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Dress Bayonet

Article about: Hey Guys what caught my attention first was the fit of the blade shoulders. I see some gapping and I a n00t used to seeing that kind of fit up the thee crossguard. Just an observation. regar

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    Default Dress Bayonet

    I picked this bayonet up today as well. I know little about these and am just getting into edged weapons. It this for police, military? I didn't think it was fire because there was no S shape. There were other similar ones for sale, but this is the only one with any markings.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Dress Bayonet   Dress Bayonet  

    Dress Bayonet   Dress Bayonet  

    Dress Bayonet  

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    Default Re: Dress Bayonet

    The bayonet could be used by either the Heer or Luftwaffe.

    A brown leather frog would be Luftwaffe. Black for Heer.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: Dress Bayonet

    Its a nice bayonet but someone has used a file or grinder to get rid of any rust marks

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    Default Re: Dress Bayonet

    Congrats on your Luft dress Bayo GP it is always nice to get a maker marked item

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    Default Re: Dress Bayonet

    Thanks for the replays guys! Idon't really see any marks where something was used to grind it though. Feels perfectly smooth to me. Also, was $100 too much for this?

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    Default Re: Dress Bayonet

    The cross guard has deep file or grind marks in it , the blade itself has been deeply cleaned, you can see where the deep scratches have been polished out on both

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    Default Re: Dress Bayonet

    So does that kill the value by a lot Dave?

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    Default Re: Dress Bayonet

    Those are marks from a wire wheel and not a grinder to clean it up IMO, also leather buffer pad is gone but I still think you did ok on price, though not a steal.

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    Whatever was used it was far too abrasive, the reason i would suggest was that the rust was quite deep therefore a deeper action was required, unfortunately it certainly does'nt help the resale value if you come to sell it later on, I looked again at the photos and cant be 100% sure but the grips might have been replaced or at least the wire wheel/grinder/file has caught the plastic and caused damage

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    Default Re: Dress Bayonet

    I agree Dave, and I also noticed the grips. They look to be marked from incidental contact from the wire wheel but original.

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