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Etched bayonet Puma neutral motif ..need opinions

Article about: hi all..i need opinions from the "Etchperts" on this long model etched bayonet marked Puma with Neutral motif...i don't see the words's a red flag or can be possible?

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    Quote by lucabrnroma View Post
    I like it in hands but i m unexpert and i hadn t seen a lot of etches to be sure...i know that this is a very hard field...for example yesterday i had a long dicussion with some people that are sure that ,except 4or5,all the etches have been made postwar...:-)
    Etched bayonets,swords and daggers did exist during the period as there are many catalogs that advertise the option, but one has to wonder if there are more post-war etches than originals now. I'm not talking about the obvious fakes, like the postwar etched 98k combat bayo's. I'm talking about the ones that, when done properly, are almost indistinguishable from originals. Look at the ones posted here on WTG that are only shown as fakes when a small flaw is noticed. The fakers have been practicing for awhile, I would say they ought to be pretty good by now. Just my thoughts anyway.


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    Circuit advertisement Etched bayonet Puma neutral motif ..need opinions
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    I have to admit that when i first saw this, i thought this looked the genuine article, it just looks right as opposed to all the other ones we,ve seen here, the etching does,nt look contrived or made with modern tools and is pretty deep with crisp lines, although not 100% perfect, but there again they were,nt mass produced but individually made, and i believe made to order, please correct me if wrong

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    Scary thought.....that some of the surviving artisans of the period lived into the 1960s and 70s. The hard part is discerning an original etch..on a post war made dagger of Third Reich quality....or a left over blade..and a modern etch from an original producer or son. Not in mass production...but a handful of knives. Recipes get handed down through the generations...and the right mix of ingredients..can produce the same the "ole Mom and Pop " shops. Just thinking out loud
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    Personally, I view etched bayonets in the same light as Souval made badges-I distrust and avoid All of them. There is, in many cases, almost no way to tell for absolute certainty the authentic pieces from the post war pieces. Minute differences could be attributed to having hand work performed on them, so other than a radically different design change, there is almost nil ways to tell which is which anymore. One has to wonder how many post war bayonets are and have been and still are in collections for perhaps 60 years or more now.

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