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German bayonet.

Article about: Hey guys. I picked a german bayonet not sure what its from i think it could be a 98. But i am looking for some info on the markings (pics coming soon) On the blade it is stamped with 8090 an

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    Default German bayonet.

    Hey guys.

    I picked a german bayonet not sure what its from i think it could be a 98. But i am looking for some info on the markings (pics coming soon)

    On the blade it is stamped with 8090 and underneath that marking it is stamped 'C'
    on the other side of the blade it is stamped 43 ddl
    On the front of the scabbard (i think thats the correct term) it is stamped 42 asw
    and on the back it is stamped with 632 and under neath that it is stamped with either an 'A' or a 'Q' but it looks kinda crooked
    On the top of the handle in tiny numbers it is stamped either 4537 or A537 with another 537 next to it and some sharp angle lines around it (worn off over time)
    There is one right on the end of the scabbard but it is very very small and i have poor eyes haha

    Is there any way to tell where it was made or what year? I'm sorry but bayonets are not my thing so to make sure i thought i would ask Warrelics haha

    Cheers guys, Vampy

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    Default Re: German bayonet.

    The blade was made in 1943 by the firm Remscheider Hobelmesserfabrik Josua Corts Sohn. The scabbard in 1942 by E&F Horster.

    Sorry...I can't see the pics....


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    Default Re: German bayonet.

    wow it is amazing how you know that, do you know where about in germany? or are there any good websites for info? Thank you very much for the info!!!!


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    Default Re: German bayonet.

    The bayonet was made in Remscheid and the scabbard in Solingen.

    You can find information on all of the documented makers of K98 bayonets here: Bayonet maker codes

    Good luck with your research,

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    Default Re: German bayonet.

    Thank you very much for the info it has came in very handy

    Cheers, Vampy

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    Default Re: German bayonet.

    also would there be any stamps under the wooden grips? if so how would i go about taking the bayonet apart? Cheers, vamp

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    Default Re: German bayonet.

    You are welcome...always glad to help when I can.

    I personally see no benefit in taking it apart...but I am sure that there are markings of some sort on the tang. Not sure what benefit it would serve knowing that though.

    I am from the camp of leaving things alone...unless you are trying to stop something from deteriorating. This is my personal opinion though...everyone is a little different!

    All the best,

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    Default Re: German bayonet.

    Hi Vamp Welcome to the forum! you came to the right place as we have some very experienced collectors here that can give anyone the best answer ranging in a wide variety of edged weapons. Each is proficient in their field of collecting. I have to agree with Chrys that if it is absolutely unnecessary to take it apart,, "Dont"!!
    Unless you are (( mechanically inclined )) then I advise to proceed with extreme caution as the are no stores and home centers that have replacement parts if some part is accidentally damaged. One you alter History,, you also alter its worth. Curiosity killed the cat and will kill your artifact also
    Bayonet collecting is in a class of its own from wooden to bakelite grips to numerous number markings. What is cool about collecting any of these types as these markings tell a story who made it,, where in Germany it was made,, and possibly knowing the distribution centers they came from and where they eventually ended up.

    Posting photos sometimes is tricky. Some users rely on photo hosting sites and download their image from there. Sometimes they open and sometimes they dont. For me if I take my photo to a photo shop type website,, to clean it up a bit or resize,,,,one Im finished I will save it to my "Pictures" on my computer and then rename the file. This works for me after that it opens up to the photo.
    If all else fails,, there is a forum at the top of the main page called "Technical / Design How to advice see the link below.

    Technical/Design - Questions, How-to, & Advice-Technical Issues & Design Of Our Forum at War relics forum

    These guys on there ,, ARE VERY ABLE AND CAN" help with any technical issues. Try to post your photos again! We look forward to seeing them. Nice to have you here. Best regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Default Re: German bayonet.

    Hey larry

    Yeah its my first time in the bayonets section of the forum speaking of talented people ive had a lot of people like ade stevenson help me out time and time and again with my collections on here i started out with a few bits and my collection grew. And thanks again for the help chrys you have been a big help into my venture of bayonets now i just need the mauser to go with my bayonet and my mosin nagant

    Cheers, Vamp

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