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German Bayonet?

Article about: Thanks for all the responses.. I still can't decide if it is WW1 or not.

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    Default German Bayonet?

    Not sure what this bayonet is .. I have had this bayonet since I was a kid. I have always been curious so I decided to toss it up on here.

    German Bayonet?German Bayonet?German Bayonet?German Bayonet?

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    Default Re: German Bayonet?

    looks to be German ww1...does it have any other numbers on it?

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    Default Re: German Bayonet?

    No there aren't any other markings or numbers

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    Default Re: German Bayonet?

    that's odd...I am 90% sure it is a German ww1 bayonet, however the butt of the bayonet is kind of skewed...Usually these bayonets (if 100% ww1 had a crown and date) where dated...That's all I've got, good luck!

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    Default Re: German Bayonet?

    Perhaps any info has worn off - Nothing on the spine.........?


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    Default Re: German Bayonet?

    Nope. I just check it over again. Not other markings than the one showed above.. Only other info I can give is that the bayonet fits my K98K perfectly.

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    Default Re: German Bayonet?

    I agree, German WW1. I only have one of theese to compare with yours, mine is made by Weyersberg Kirschbaum and Co (solingen Germany). MIne has a muzzle ring, no dates, the only mrkings on it are serial number K7434. THe scabbardd has no dates but a serial number of K579.
    CAn post a photo tomorrow if you lke.

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    Default Re: German Bayonet?

    The only other difference i notice is the handle screws, they appear to be the same type as a czechoslovakian bayonet. I shall get some photos so you can compare also.

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    Default Re: German Bayonet?

    As promised here are some photos of the WW1 bayonet I described above, there are plenty of similarities to compare.German Bayonet?German Bayonet?German Bayonet?German Bayonet?German Bayonet?German Bayonet?German Bayonet?German Bayonet?

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    Default Re: German Bayonet?

    A 84/98 and a Mauser export Bajonett.

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