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German k98 Parade/Dress bayonet

Article about: Hello, I was going through some old things and found my great grandfather's bayonet that he left to me. He was in World War 2 so I assumed he acquired it during the war, I did some research

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    Default German k98 Parade/Dress bayonet

    Hello, I was going through some old things and found my great grandfather's bayonet that he left to me. He was in World War 2 so I assumed he acquired it during the war, I did some research on it and came to the conclusion it is a German Dress bayonet, here is the tricky part, it has absolutely no makers marking on the blade or the frog/sheath, could this be a fake?

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    A photo would sure help, But not all dress bayonets had a makers mark on them.

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    German k98 Parade/Dress bayonetGerman k98 Parade/Dress bayonetGerman k98 Parade/Dress bayonet

    Here are pictures of both sides of the blade, The picture of the spine shows the blade is bent slightly to the left starting at the hilt. If this knife is real, how on earth would I go about straightening that blade? Or should I not even mess with it.

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    Hello mate ,You have a Ks 98 dress bayonet not all have makers marks,it,s not a fake by the looks of it ,I my self would not try straightening the blade ,here is a site with plenty of bayonets similar to yours to compare( ,hope this helps regards Paul.

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    Moved to K98 Bayo forum for further review. Thanks Paul for the info.

    Regards Larry
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    Thank you for the information, I am an avid collector of knives and this one had me asking questions. I would honestly never sell this with it being my great grandfather's, but would you happen to have an estimate of how much it's worth?

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    Probably £60-£120 aprox due to having a frog added and depending were you are buying and selling in the world .Paul.

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    Thank you very much for your help Sir.

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    Looks like a dress bayonet stuck in a combat bayonet scabbard and frog? Check the throat of the scabbard for a serial number, and a code in the same place against the leather?

    Blade isn't bent enough to worry about it. You have to have a keen eye and understanding of metals to straighten it properly, if it's even bent. You can do it just between your hands if you're strong enough, or slip the blade into a suitable slot and teak the handle as required. Metals have a "memory" and if done properly it will be straight again.

    Do you see any writing on the backside of the frog?

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    Nope, No numbers or writing whatsoever, that's what kinda threw me off. Usually these dress bayonets have makers marks or a serial on it, however this one has none. The sheath isn't too pretty, not physically damaged or bent/dented but just tarnished to the point where there is no more black paint. Still like both the knife and sheath though, love the character it has to it.

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