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German Practice bayonet

Article about: Hi guy's and girl's I haven't seen many of these around, it's marked ASW whitch i am pretty sure is E&F horster 1943 practice bayonet this is in near mint condition any comment's and inf

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    Thanks Ade for nice words, i would only know more details about the piece, to sample in DDR and Sowjetunion are practise bayonets made not from combat pieces but more are special constructed,best regards,Andy

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    Thank's for the replie's chap's a good point you made there Andy, i wouldn't think they would need a practice bayo in 43 it's just got me baffled why someone would go to all this work to cap the end off and make a decent job of it, i will add a couple more pic's Andy ot the date and number's and see if it holds any more clue's, thank's again to you guys for your comments
    cheers Ronnie

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    Some close up's, Andy it is waffenampt near the bayonet slot 519
    if this helps

    thanks again Ronnie
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture German Practice bayonet   German Practice bayonet  

    German Practice bayonet  

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    Hello, i have in dbase other 6 pcs in tt range that have same finish and configuration as Yours so its a shame that someone damaged a good condition piece. certainly when a correct fencing or practise piece, would be not in normal Wehrmacht contract piece, it would be not accepted with WaA519 twice on pommel and in special serial range. exist a possibility that it used postwar, but it looks too regards,Andy

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    Bayonet training in the modern age is probably more centered around crowd control (if any). But that was not always so, and in both World Wars it was taken seriously by the combatants - which extended into the postwar period. There was a series of practiced movements, not the least of which (IMO), was also using the other end (the buttstock).

    That said, an interesting piece, but it doesn't look like a WW II German conversion to me either. None of which prohibits it from being used as a practice bayonet in the postwar period, by an army that was still using rifles with the 4 cm Mauser bayonet mounting stud. Which is probably the category I would put it in as more information is gathered. FP

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    Never have seen one I would go with some post war army using it for training or someone for some unknown reason modified it to make it less dangerous question but who or why? Frogprince has a good answer I would lean toward too. timothy

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