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Help in identifying bayonet

Article about: My grandfather gave me this in the mid 1960's, need help in establishing what it is and value today. Thanks,

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    Default Help in identifying bayonet

    My grandfather gave me this in the mid 1960's, need help in establishing what it is and value today. Thanks,
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Help in identifying bayonet   Help in identifying bayonet  

    Help in identifying bayonet  

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    GERMAN WW2 - E.u.F Horster / asw 1943

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    Nice piece of history.. IMO not a lot.. Most G.I.'s were bringing these souvenirs home with matching scabbards.
    It was almost like a "Rite of passage" to obtain these as a war trophy.. That being said not to detract, a good example with salty been there done that appearance.. After the war a great deal were mis- matched as far as the number on the bayo and scabbard.. Welcome to the "Forum" G
    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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    Original s84/98 model bayonet by Horster made in 1943 as stated condition is bad might clean up a bit or a little but imagine rust pits would be there not much value in this state. No doubt original war trophy and from your grandpa would keep it. timothy

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    Without doubt the rust has penetrated too deeply to be removed completely but you can use something like Jenolite to remove the completely oxidized material, stabilise the metal and make it more pleasing to the eye. Then lightly oiled and displayed on the wall for instance it will be a nice "family" piece but it will never be of more than sentimental value. If you can find a suitable scabbard that would improve the way it "displays" but not the value to great degree.

    I attach a picture of what can sometimes be achieved at virtually no cost. The bayonet here is the same maker as yours and was rusty but had only very little pitting (yours has a lot more). There was almost no finish on it.

    I cleaned it with white spirit and jenolite (no abrasives) then having removed the grips and spring catch I heated it with a blow torch and quenched it in old engine oil. It was then washed with WD40 to remove the oil without provoking further rusting and leave a light preservative film, et voila! I would not treat a well preserved item like this but then you wouldn't need to would you?

    You won't get yours to look like this but if you want to make it look less like a relic you will make it look better on the wall

    Help in identifying bayonet


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    43asw late doubble W production series, damaged by rust.b.r.Andy

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    Did the bayonet look like that when your grandfather gave it to you ?

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