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Interesting 84/98 Engraved Bayonet

Article about: Thx., Mike !

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    Default Interesting 84/98 Engraved Bayonet

    Hello Folks -

    It'a a Clemen & Jung 84/98 that has been nickled (I believe) and the US Serviceman whose name is on the pommel has has has service recorded on the blade. It goes from Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge and finally to Chemnitz(?) which from some quick research was a Slave Camp.

    Wondered of anyone has seen a similar example? I can't see any date or serial number.Would it be possible it was a dress version? The maker name is quite clear and the plating is only on the blade and pommel. It is fully functioning.. (Apologies for the ^%$# photos.

    This one brings tears to my eyes because of how it was cared for. I'm working on making it as presentable as possible, but there are limits.

    Any suggestions welcomed!

    Thanks for looking!

    - Mike

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    Default Re: Interesting 84/98 Engraved Bayonet

    Hi Mike, thanks for showing the bayonet. It is a standard combat type which has been plated by a GI, but the inscription makes it much more interesting than the usual plated souvenirs.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Interesting 84/98 Engraved Bayonet

    Did you research the man? That could help. But a very nice piece. I usually don't like the bayonets that were "ruined", but this is a cool item.

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    Default Re: Interesting 84/98 Engraved Bayonet

    Thanks Guys -

    I did do some research and he shows up as per the unit. Need to do some additional work. However, over on another site the following was posted..., a most interesting twist that I certainly did not expect:

    - Mike

    "Man, it has been along time since I have seen one of these! I have two of these bayonets and maintain a data base on other examples in the hands of collectors. Have done some research on the history of these as well. The theory is that 18th Field Artillery Group was at some point in the area of the Clemen & Jung factory in Solingen and had the bayonets modified, assembled and personalized from existing materials. Similar to the presentation PPK and other pistols that were assembled at the Walther factory after its capture. All of these "souvenir" bayonets are the same. They are WWII period SG84/98III bayonets with only the maker's name displayed (no serial numbers). This is the standard service model bayonet of the German military (all branches) in WWII and was manufactured from 1933 to 1945. These 18th F.A.G. bayonets were all thinly plated and they do not have scabbards which seems odd since one would think they could have been obtained at the factory as well. The grips are dark bakelite (actually phenolic material) and the flashguard as well as the grip screws and spanners are also thinly plated. I am going by memory here but there are at least two and I think the actual number is three versions of the engraving (actually acid etching) to the blades. The soldier's names are all engraved in the exact manner and location as yours. Some have the rank and name some just the name. They are a very interesting captured or souvenir item and very collectable. I only have a handfull of examples in the database. I can post further information later tonight when I get home to my files. Thanks for posting!"

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    Default Re: Interesting 84/98 Engraved Bayonet


    Very interesting bayonet - especially with the information in your last post.



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    Default Re: Interesting 84/98 Engraved Bayonet

    Hi Richie -

    Yes, and if you think about it, this group of bayonets may be the only (officially or unofficially) US Bayonets made at a Third Reich facility, and perhaps the last 84/98III bayonets made in Germany?

    Just interesting possibilities to ponder.

    Best regards!
    - Mike

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    Default Re: Interesting 84/98 Engraved Bayonet

    While it’s a well established fact that items were made or assembled in Solingen for GI’s after the war using TR era parts. There could be a problem with this bayonet as a specially manufactured item, versus being a leftover/captured bayonet, that was modified by engraving and plating. That’s because Clemen u. Jung also made what are called “commercial” bayonets for non Army paramilitary forces in Germany. And with the limited views available - that is what I seem to be seeing.

    Which does not detract from the bayonet as an interesting conversion to a souvenir bayonet. FP

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    Default Re: Interesting 84/98 Engraved Bayonet

    Thanks FP -

    I'll try ro get some better pics and post. It's quite the mix-master of assembly numbers, etc. There is an assembly no. and C&J WaA on one grip, and the same maker stamp but no number or WaA on the other.

    - Mike

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    Default Re: Interesting 84/98 Engraved Bayonet

    "Battle of the Ardennes" ? ...

    In common parlance, (Army slang), it has to mean: "Battle of the Bulge" ...

    If you´d ask somebody in America in late ´44, or early ´45, what "the battle of the Ardennes" is, I´d suspect, nearly nobody would know, what you mean ...

    Even after the battle everybody knows the meaning of "Battle of the Bulge", until today ...

    I´d be very interested to see pic´s of similar bayonet´s

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    Default Re: Interesting 84/98 Engraved Bayonet

    Riebert -

    You are correct. I'm not sure when the term 'Battle of the Bulge' came into use. Same with 'Normandy' instead of 'D-Day.' If you check out the posts I put up regarding the 'Paris Gun' Shell Fragment' it was at the time referred to the 'Long Range Cannon' then after the war the Paris Gun. I suppose this helps lend authenticity, as they would be better known by the more common terms.

    The gentleman who related the background indicated he has two examples and a database on a handful of others. All from the 118th. If he posts photos and doesn't mind my copying them I will do so.

    Best regards!
    - Mike

    Couple of photos of the grip and assembly markings.

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