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K98 bayonet experimental rubberized canvas Frog

Article about: Hello, Some pictures of my last entry is a rare rubberized canvas with its back, the exceptional presence of a regimental marking ! It is for this type of part of an experimental production

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    Quote by Sleepwalker View Post
    yes of course... :-P

    no this is not police Equipment. The frogs of Fischer and Leunert made in the 1930´th years out of composition leather were used by police.
    It is called "Lederaustauschmaterial" und was used by military units. It is not a experimental thing... only a try to spare leather.

    This frogs you can also find with added rivets and straps. Typical for a Wehrmacht overhaul.

    Yes, the Fischer manufactured 1938 dated German Police chemically impregnated-canvas backpiece/leather frogs were what I first thought of when the topic of substitutes because of leather shortages was under discussion. Fischer being well known to German Police collectors as a maker of pistol holsters, as were some others in the Berlin area, with that being where my thinking was going.

    As for what to call it, in general arms collecting by many of those who use the English language terms like experimental often refers to a “proof of concept” type of item. Versus a “trials” item that is made in sufficient quantity to be field tested before adoption and/or modification for general issue. So I’m thinking that perhaps in German that “ersatz” might be more appropriate?
    My reasoning being that these radiator-hose like material frogs that still have a strong chemical smell are fairly unique:
    1) there is no central line of stitching either long or short
    2) as manufactured they have no rivets at all
    3) were manufactured as far as I know only in 1941 by that one maker
    4) Unlike various Fischer items, there was no branching out into holsters etc. that I could find. Or being on some of the lists of documented leather products makers - for both holsters and the makers in a most admittedly limited search I made for that particular Berlin maker I did not find other types of examples. Best Regards, Fred
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