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K98 Bayonet post war

Article about: Thanks guys ive decided to let this one pass by maybe if the price was a little lower I would have taken it

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    Default K98 Bayonet post war

    Hi folks i have an option on this, with my limited knowledge it appears to be post war , no serial / maker marks only one set of numbers above the grips, the wooden grips look well worn but the blade seems to have been re blued also no marks on the scabbard, generally clean but with its history wiped out is it worth a punt.
    Thanks in advance.
    K98 Bayonet post war
    K98 Bayonet post war
    K98 Bayonet post war

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    Sneak Bayonet used by Germany,
    Maybe, just read up on them quite interesting.

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    this S84/98 never used by Germans or in Germany... and it is not a sneak bayonet.

    This is a Export-bayonet to Portugal out of the contract from 1937.

    The correct portuguese designation is M937 (the missing 1 is not a mistake...)


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    Ahh, so made in Germany for export, is it anything worth collecting or keeping hold of.

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    Typical Portugal contract 84/98 with numbers on pommel. As Sleepwalker has stated. That depends on what you collect a lot of the contract bayonets made for other countries are becoming collectible case in point is the Czek made Mauser VZ ones for Romania there are others made on contract to other countries some seek out. timothy

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    Perfectly collectable.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Thanks Ade, it is in a antique shop in York although nice i dont feel the asking price of £70 is quite high, i shall continue my search for German issued bayo`s.

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    Some quantity of export bayonets has been sent to the army, due the war. I've seen the grond dug example of the Chilian bayo, found in the Kurland pocket

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    Quote by greatwhite View Post
    Thanks Ade, it is in a antique shop in York although nice i dont feel the asking price of £70 is quite high, i shall continue my search for German issued bayo`s.
    I'd have thought nearer to £40!....
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    Many of the 1937 Portuguese contact are not nearly in as good a condition as the 1941 contract examples, and typically sell for much less. And some later examples of the undelivered 1941 series of rifles etc. were absorbed into the Wehrmacht as Germany faced a shortage of weapons in that time frame. And other export models went to Spain earlier. So I think (from my own perspective) that having a few examples of what was exported by the Germans could be interesting to have in a collection - in addition to what was manufactured under their control outside Germany for the Wehrmacht. Regards, Fred
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