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k98 bayonet rare

Article about: nemo me impune lacessit .why the German bayonets SCOTLAND motto? found in the attic Kurland

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    Quote by Feuerbach View Post
    Why would this be a Calvary frog? Seems the same frog as on any bayo I ever had.
    I said so called collector term these were used by all troops gets the name because of the hilt restraining strap at the top to keep the bayonet steady on the frog back when bouncing around term used with these frogs don't know if German military ever designated as such Frogprince or Sleepwalker should know.

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    Quote by kurland kessel View Post
    ?????????????????????/bayo german ww2....kurland...Where from here SCOTISH?
    Quote by kurland kessel View Post
    We did not have to USA ENGLISH AUSTRALIA troops.KURLAND BATTLE
    Those who study other cultures and languages tend to find a phrase or meaning that strikes them with intrigue and personal meaning as seen on this K98 Bayo. Just because there is Scottish text on the scabbard doesnt mean..there were Scots present in more than most of us whose signature lines at the foot of their own posts..have phrases from around the world....placing them there also. The German who carried that bayo...according to that Scottish text just gave some identity to is own thinking and the type of soldier he was.

    Maybe if Germany had won the war..and this soldier lived through the battles and made it back to his Homeland....he may of well tried to dispose of his surely..that text..and from whom it was originally written...was not according to National Socialist doctrine. The Burning of books comes to mind to rid anything that was anti German.

    The bayo IMO has personal Character thanks for showing Regards Larry
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    thanks,bayonet does not interest me,Maybe some cheeks

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