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K98 bayonets that have been stored away for a years.

Article about: As and when I get time, I like to go to my store cupboard and dig out a box or two that I have not opened in a while. I took out a 2cm flak gun ammo box and it contained a few K.98 bayonets

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    Perhaps its more than I realised, I have had them for such a while they are "normal" to me. My first K.98 bayonet cost me £5, it was not perfect and soon got exchanged for a better example and I still pick them up when they come along which is not all that frequently these days.

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    Circuit advertisement K98 bayonets that have been stored away for a years.
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    yes amazing!

    Can you show the frogs with maker?


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    As promised with maker marks on the bayonets I will do it at some point "soon" in the future for the frogs as well.
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    I see this thread going another 5 to 10 pages with the content MrD. has in his collection.
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    Great group ! And who has Extra Frogs !!!!

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    Its raining here today, so I might get a chance later to try and get pics of a few for you all, but I can't promise.

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    Anybody got 84/98? That is impressive! timothy

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    An impressive collection for sure nicely balanced with frogs D "had me" with that scabbard dent removal tool - which is something that you really don't see very often. Best Regards, Fred

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    Hi Fred,
    You the first one to mention the scabbard tool. They are quite scarce, I have only ever seen 3 or 4 in all my years collecting. I was lucky enough to get this one a fair few years ago which was an upgrade on my previous example which while being ok was not as good as this one. I must dig out the other one and move it on, when I find it.
    All the best,

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    Good lord, coffee/keyboard moment, i have three and thought i was doing well, very nice collection you have i may well book a trip to Jersey, are there still items to be found there?.

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