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k98 parade bayonet. bring back

Article about: this bayonet was the one my grandfather brought back from dunkirk evacuation 1940. My dad isent well now so ive been given this bayonet. dad had this as boy, and a fews years back when my an

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    Quote by mattty01 View Post
    Bless ya mate, lets hope dad gets better. Im about an hour away from thetford so your telling me a local story from the other side of the world! LOL
    thanks mattty01.

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    Quote by timothy View Post
    Nice short KS98 as preferred by NCO's and officers it has proper dress frog which could be repaired looks like WKC maker with Knights head logo Nice piece with great family history and story. timothy
    yea the the stamp on the bayonet is WKC and the knight head. i will try tho get frog fixed. did think of replacing it but wont be the same. thanks timothy. cheers mark

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    Quote by Larry C View Post
    WOW...I like hearing and seeing these types of stories. The photos of your grandpop are great..and the items he found. I am sure he saw more than he wanted to see ..and saw things he should not of...War is hell as they say. Thanks for sharing and the bayo is still in great condition. Never mind the frog being split in that also was a apart of your grandfathers tenure during that time. Regards larry
    thanks larry C. i wish i had met grandpar now. but thats the way it is. the only memory i have of grandpar is when he came over here to australia, in 1986/87.
    i can remmber that his boots were shiney, and he would sit in frot of the window of the lunge room peeling a apple with a knife. and i think i cryed when he took his false teeth out. ha ha

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    Thanks for sharing the Family story and for posting the items. Always interesting, when there are stories behind the bayo and other relics. IMO a priceless family artifact and one I hope will be handed down and treasured for ever. Not just another anonymous bayonet.

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    thanks scout i i will hold this bayonet. and hope to pass it down. i offerd it to my older brother and the medals, as he is serving in the army. and has been been for 15 years. but said no you hold on them.

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