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K98 "Tr." markings on blade?

Article about: Hi everyone, I have a K98 bayonet in decent condition. It has the sheath with matching serial numbers (I'm not sure about the frog on this one, because the blade of the bayonet is dated '41,

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    bayonet is not rework,just marking of Weyersberg used in certain period....
    why or for what i dont know.....and this is not only bayonet with this marking,im see this bayonet and more
    also marked but no one say for what is -tr-.......

    romania,bulgaria,hungary used austro-hungarian typs bayonets or rusian....... not germans
    I understand the reasoning, and prior to 1938 I think that it would probably have had more relevance. With the problem from my perspective being that Romania placed an order in that year for close to 1/2 million (est.) Vz. 24 rifles, which share the 7.92mm Mauser rifle ammunition and 4 cm bayonet mounting bar of the Mauser Kar. 98k (both are large ring M 98 Mausers with 24" barrels). Of course CZ did not have a 1/2 million new 98 Mauser rifles laying around, or a lack of preexisting contracts - the Germans absorbed Czechoslovakia etc. etc. With an informal survey of Romanian surplus arms after the war showing a very diverse mixture of new and preexisting (before 1938) production Mausers ending up in Romania, with my understanding being that the first line (combat) units got the Mausers with the older WW I types issued primarily to the 2nd and 3rd echelons where the ammunition supply was not as critical. Not proof of the meaning of the "Tr." markings, just some of the things which can be proven. Best Regards, Fred

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