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kar98k bayonet

Article about: This one could go either way. You can always leave something the way it is. This one is a good one to rebuild because I don't think there is much harm you could do to it by putting on grips

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    Default kar98k bayonet

    hey everyone, been a while since ive posted on here but ive got a quick question for yas......i recently had abit of an impluse buy that i now know was a waste of money.....a k98 bayo......with no grips.....or scabbard.....or push just a blank blade lol. my question is i only paid 20 quid or so for her and shes in pritty clean order i.e unsharpened...clearly marked, wkc. 1939, waA marks. soo should i leave her be, or do her up with repro/original parts i come across? thanks for your time.....Attachment 325615

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    Default Re: kar98k bayonet

    If it was mine I would leave it be...

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    To me I don't see why you couldn't rebuild it with original parts. I mean that's probably why it's in this condition, because someone used it for parts. Even if it were just grips, I think it would add to the overall look


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    Default Re: kar98k bayonet

    too be honest ive searched for parts and original grips are quite hard to find....all ive found is repro grips/screws on fleabay.

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    Default Re: kar98k bayonet

    thanks for the replies btw....

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    Scabbards seem easy enough to pick up but your right about the grips. Remember there is no rush though, things always pop up


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    Default Re: kar98k bayonet

    What you want will turn up. Recently I did see some relic grips on Ebay. Also the screws turn up quite regularly. Cast your net a little wider and a few international sellers often sell parts on Ebay too. Another good source of parts are sites like Rask Anik in Germany etc.

    Happy hunting,


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    Default Re: kar98k bayonet

    Maybe talk to some of the relic hunting boys, I reckon the bakelite would survive well where the steel might not. Somebody might have something in a drawer somewhere.

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    Default Re: kar98k bayonet

    yeah i suppose your right about things popping up. i dont know why but im always abit nervous ordering things from abroad, it seems like such a hassle converting euros to pounds lol. im going to have a butchers for the relic grips although id need to know hich is correct for the year of production.....wood or bakelite? ill let you know how things progress. thanks very much for the time and replies. :-)

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    Default Re: kar98k bayonet

    1939 should be bakelite grips. Wood was used very early,
    but was also used in 1944 to augment supply..........


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