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Need some help getting info about a bayonet.

Article about: Dear friends found bayonet assistance will not find anywhere like that. no candidate, not looking ... Info Type? origin? Year? thank you !!!

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    Quote by Frogprince View Post
    Hello Stewy, I am thinking that you are probably not going to find much if anything in the way of extra markings. As Iím in agreement with Sleepwalker as he described it as an Extra-Seitengewehr circa 1915 or later which is where I would tend to put it myself because of the dark type hilt fittings. With the attached image showing a pair of PreuŖischer Infanterieoffizierdegen M1889 which is what was being replaced at the front and in combat by using bayonets as bladed officer and senior grade NCO's sidearms instead of swords. With the example to the left a later blued steel hilt government issue Kriegsmodell (also showing a period acceptance mark), and the one to the right the earlier model. Regards, Fred

    How much would you appraise the older degen shown on the right in your photo?

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    Circuit advertisement Need some help getting info about a bayonet.
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    Quote by JamesWatson View Post
    How much would you appraise the older degen shown on the right in your photo?
    Unlike some others I've had, because it's marked to a "Garde" unit I really don't know as I've never priced it, or tried to sell it. I did however once take it to a larger show for some friends to look at it that was attended by some German buyers. Some of them really wanted to purchase it - but no dollar amounts were discussed because I told them upfront that I had no interest in selling it. Best Regards, Fred

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    The dress KS98 normally is correct that should have been stamped with doubble WKC stamp, so there should be knightshead anywhere . When not so the stamp was weakly or the rust removed it already.

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