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Oak leave engraved K98 Bajonet

Article about: Looks great. A world of difference. Well done.

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    Default Re: Oak leave engraved K98 Bajonet

    thank you for your fast answers.
    It came with well worn brown bakalit grips and scabbard.
    There was also a crome pladed scabbard with not matching numbers. 44 asw, 4335, N.
    I bought it for the nice engraving and tought someone wanted to improve a cheap service bajonet. It just doesent' match 38 bajonet, 44 scabbard, beautifull engraving and low quality unskilled riveting. (the rivet diameter is a little to small) I was just courious what other collectors think.

    Regarding the star, very interesting observation. Woulden't a engraver use his initals? Who could have done the ingraving?

    why did they use another type of WAA547 stamp on the parier than on the handel?
    Thanks for your input

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    Default Re: Oak leave engraved K98 Bajonet

    maybe a possible stamp of a reworked bayonet?..the star and the flower?
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    Default Re: Oak leave engraved K98 Bajonet

    Quote by Richie B View Post
    Something is making me think police but I may be completely off track with that.

    And here's another similar one
    That one seems even more prominent. Very interesting - Ive never seen that mark before. Thanks for posting.
    Ill have to go over my bayonets, though I doubt theyll have the mark.

    Police - interesting theory. Looking forvard to seeing it validated ...or not, as the case may be.

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    Default Re: Oak leave engraved K98 Bajonet

    A Engraving on any kind of S84/98 service bayonet is not original.

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    Default Re: Oak leave engraved K98 Bajonet

    Not seen very often, years ago it was suggested that the stern-stempel might have been somehow related to an earlier wartime German practice of putting a “star” marking on guns that were serviceable, but made from non-standard dimensioned parts (ie: not interchangeable). But for that to hold true, then one would have to be found on a OEM (factory) condition bayonet which I don’t ever remember seeing. With another possibility that was suggested being a rework stamp. But the known period reworks are almost always without an added marking, with the notable exception of those relatively few bayonets that have the same/similar markings as some period reworked Luger pistols. So it’s still something of a mystery as are the flower markings.

    As for it being a Police marking that is unlikely because it has the full set of military style markings. Which is not to say that there are not some legitimate variants in the Police series of bayonets with Waffenamts or dated military style maker markings. But this Dürkopp has the full set of markings, and was not one of them. With the discussion bringing to mind a legitimate known variant being the R.F.V. marked military bayonets. With the Zollgrenzschutz related aspect (a part of the Reichsfinanzverwaltung) and a “P” contest involving Himmler who was making a strenuous effort trying to expand his empire that was being vigorously resisted. With the net result being that the Reichsfinanzverwaltung turned to the Army for assistance because they knew that they were not going to be getting any help from him.

    And lastly, for the sizes - types of the Waffenamts they varied from large to very small depending on the available surface area to be stamped. And besides changing in style over time, were also sometimes seen in an abbreviated form to make them smaller. All of which is in addition to any transitions of the commission numbered inspectors who were sometimes relocated to other factories. Regards to all, Fred
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    Default Re: Oak leave engraved K98 Bajonet

    Often Bayonets with a star stamp can be found with a later WaA marking, who not exist in the year the bayonet was produced. So it is possible, that this star is the same as the "RC" of the imperial period... a revision stamp. The bayonet was reworked - later - and get proofed.


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    Default Re: Oak leave engraved K98 Bajonet

    What does the star stemp represents? A specific manufacture or an overhaul procedure? Who was using it? When was it established?
    What is a later WaA marking compared to the earlier one?
    Which bajonets got the rework? Where these collected at the front and who was doing the refurbishing acording to which standarts?
    Hope my questions can help other collectors gaining some knowlege.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Oak leave engraved K98 Bajonet

    I can't speak for 'Sleepwalker', but I have to correct myself in that I now recall seeing one or two that could have been OEM quality bayonets. With the idea being the same as the "stern" type markings that I mentioned earlier as factory rejects that were not melted down for scrap. But instead held in storage until such time as there was a need for bayonets that might have not been perfectly made (to pass all of the factory inspections). But good enough to be used, with the Invasion of Russia very possibly the "window of opportunity" if that is where the information collected so far leads us. Regards to all, FP

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    Default Re: Oak leave engraved K98 Bajonet

    There are differences between the WaA stamps... the earlier ones looks more like a eagle... the later ones are more simplified. So, a bayonet with S code out of 1936, for example, must have a early WaA stamp. ... but I know such bayonets, with a star... but have the later WaA... so they had to lay somewhere for some years. I think Frogprince is correct with his theory.
    We can observe that since the year 1942 the use of captured materials, including bayonets, rose sharply... in Brno the S24 t and in norway the s 102 n were build and use in big that kind of bayontes were needed.

    I think the star stamp is a revision stamp. The bayonet has title differences to the standard and had to overworked. In the imperial time the Germans usw a RC stamp instead.


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    Default Re: Oak leave engraved K98 Bajonet

    early WaA accaptance until 1935/36
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Oak leave engraved K98 Bajonet   Oak leave engraved K98 Bajonet  

    Attached Images Attached Images Oak leave engraved K98 Bajonet Oak leave engraved K98 Bajonet 

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