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Opinions on k98 bayonet please.

Article about: Opinions on this bayonet please would be much appreciated. It's a p.weyersburg dated 1940 to blade and scabbard numbered 1199 also to both. WaA marked three times to bayonet and once to ball

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    Thanks Larry and thanks all for the great comments and info 😃

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    Real nice complete s84/98 I don't see a Luft connection either all of those I have seen are LBA or flack unit for example marked having said that I think Sleepwalker showed a frog with aluminum rivits he said was Luftwaffe made nice piece. timothy

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    Yes it's a mystery definitely no LBA marks anywhere on the frog though it is worn. I think the frog is original to the bayonet the dates seem to all match up frog dated 39 and bayonet an scabbard dated 40 . Would these frogs also have been used by heer ?

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    My opinion Heer, Luftwaffe SS and KM. timothy

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    Thanks for the info Timothy much appreciated.

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    Hi John..Glad your here...when you get a chance take a stroll through this Bayo will find the amount of information here immense and exhaustive. Alot of Great Bayo Gents here..who are equal in character and integrity. Enjoy your stay. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Quote by Johndevon View Post
    .......................... Would these frogs also have been used by heer ?
    A good question that has been asked over the years on multiple forums, the general outline from my own experience seems to be as follows: For the dateable marked Heer, Kriegsmarine, and SS frogs they all seem to have a long central line of stitching (this observation of course is obviously not addressing the tie strap types). Whereas the dateable marked Luftwaffe no tie strap frogs have a short central line of stitching. But with that being said, there are also some exceptions with relatively scarce dateable Luftwaffe frogs with either no central stitching at all or a full line of central stitching (but no tie strap). So it's not IMO an absolute-100% rule. With the normally brown or natural (unfinished) leather Luftwaffe frogs - in the 1940's seen in black like the ordinary Wehrmacht frogs (there are occasional prewar Heer exceptions seen also so it's not 100%). With my point being that I tend to look at each one individually, and depending on condition sometimes it's a best guess - especially in the later years. Best Regards Fred

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    Thanks Larry I have already lost many hours to the threads on k98 bayonets In this forum they provide great information and reference and lots of eye candy pictures 😄 I collect German ww2 items in general with my favourites being the helmets but these are an expensive hobby but get just as much pleasure out of the other items I add to my collection I already feel a single bayonet may get lonely and it would be wise to purchase another 😉 cheers jon

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    Great info Fred I suspected it to be a Luftwaffe frog it does have the short central line of stitching and also the colour and date would at a guess seem so it's of course possible it was heer kriegsmarine ss . I see many heer combat frogs for sale here in the UK but rarely Luftwaffe ones are they rarer and more desirable? Cheers Jon

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    Quote by Johndevon View Post
    .................I see many heer combat frogs for sale here in the UK but rarely Luftwaffe ones are they rarer and more desirable? Cheers Jon
    From what I've seen in the U.S. the German Army (Heer) frogs are the most common - which has to (IMO) take into account the fact that service branch markings were discontinued fairly early in the war. With the Luftwaffe frogs scarcer but not IMO 'rare'. Followed by the Kriegsmarine frogs which are relatively hard to find, and the SS frogs which are the hardest to find. With one of the stranger things I've seen being a legitimate (but weak marking) Kriegsmarine frog that some "genius" ruined by trying to turn into it into an "SS" frog with a fake "RZM - SS" marking. With the "SS" fakes greatly outnumbering the originals. Best Regards, Fred

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