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Police K98 Bayonets

Article about: It's AWS (not asw) and depending on the time frame, there were changes with the Coppel logo. With at least three or four that come immediately to mind. As for the bayonet you have - I would

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    Default Police K98 Bayonets

    Are Police issued K98 Bayonets rarer than wehermacht issued ones. I have an ASC/Alex Coppel with no numbers on it anywhere but it does have an eagle /adler on the spine of the blade near the crossguard.

    Any help would be nice.


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    Default Re: Police K98 Bayonets


    Short answer - yes, in my opinion, they are.

    Can't produce statistics at the moment but military marked ones were produced in their millions to equip the Army, Navy, Police and Waffen SS.

    The Police were much fewer in number.

    You don't see many Police marked bayonets for sale either.

    I will see if I can find some figures tomorrow.



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    Default Re: Police K98 Bayonets

    Well I just took the grip sides off my ASC and found that the numbers all match on the bayonet. The grip pannels had no waffenampt but there was some sort of RZM number. I guess its matched just not stamped as such with numbers.


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    Default Re: Police K98 Bayonets

    Bob, As Richie stated, German Police marked combat bayonets are much rarer than their general issue Wehrmacht cousins. Normally they have no serial numbers or Waffenamts. That said, there are some exceptions, and some that have added on accountability numbers.

    Of course as time went on the identifiable police markings were no longer used (like other shortcuts that were instituted). As for the markings inside the grips - they are actually codes to identify the maker and the composition of the grip material. Seen with both the German Police and Wehrmacht black Bakelite gripped bayonets. FP

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    Default Re: Police K98 Bayonets

    I think the serial numbers are found on the bottom of the attachment lug when it is pressed out.

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    Default Re: Police K98 Bayonets

    While it depends on the time and the maker. Oftentimes the hidden numbers on bayonets are simply assembly numbers (seen on multiple components) instead of serial numbers or partial serial numbers. Something else to take into account is the use of commercial logos or sometimes nothing - versus the "S" codes, and makers names, dates (etc.) of the Wehrmacht issue bayonets. (Although there is at least one exception to that general guideline as well.) FP

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    Default Re: Police K98 Bayonets

    The one I have is marked ASC with the scales. An adler on the spine and nothing else visible on first inspection. The number on the attaching lug is the same as on the knife under the grips and the same on the flash protector between grips and handle.

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    Default Re: Police K98 Bayonets

    Matching numbers is good, with probably the next thing to determine being the approximate time frame as to when the bayonet was made.

    Speaking only to the later black Bakelite gripped types, the ACS/Scales is seen in two forms which was later followed by the AWS variant. With probably the easiest way to determine what is what being the scabbard. Which for the earliest type will have some small horizontal lines cut into the top surface of the frog stud. FP

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    Default Re: Police K98 Bayonets

    Just to make sure were on the same page. ASC is Alex Coppel & Son or somesuch maker. What is ACS and ASW? What am I looking for?

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    Default Re: Police K98 Bayonets

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