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post war etched dress bayonet?

Article about: Good evening. I was wondering how to tell if a dress bayonet was etched post war or during the war. I was looking through the sticky on the best of the worst fakes and I see several examples

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    I now realise that there are some period etched blades out there, thanks for spotting my mistake.

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    So is this a possible pre war etched baonet?

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    etched swords are more common
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    I do not trust any, ANY etched bayonets. They started the etching fakes as early as the 50's, and some of those early fakes are now considered as being original! I even know of a museum in Belgium that has 5 fakes in the vitrine.

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    Fred Green

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    Etched bayonets have been in exsistance for many, many years. There were standard etchings offered by sword manufacturers in a ala'carte menu where you could pick the design on either side of the blade. These were not issue bayonets but private purchase pieces purchased by the soldier. If you study the sword/bayonet makes catologs you will see an array of different designs offered. They are just like any other third reich collectable and have been reproduced. Study of period referances and original pieces makes collecting them easier.


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    It could be period, but without clearer and detailed photos of the etch, it's impossible to say for sure

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