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Rework or contract made ?

Article about: Hello I got this bayo some time now and i still dont know what it is , is it a rework or made under contract . there are waa marks on the pommel / guard / behind the grip plates / end of the

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    For spanish reworks is typical dull blue, for portugals already since M04/39 is typical black paint, and here are the WaA .Rework or contract made ?

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    I see that pommel photo now. I completely overlooked it. Yes, it did have a WaA mark, so Portugal contract is correct. Though finding one without a serial number on either the pommel or crossguard is very rare.

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    The serial from crossguard was removed by refurbishment most real,there are traces of previous stamp.

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    Thank you both for the reaction
    i think andy is right . but if there was a serial it was not on the grossguard , i have compared it with several other bayo's with the same age . and measured it .
    they al are ( give or take ) 20 mm . i believe , if there was any serial number it must have been on the pommel .
    I can not say it was filled , but to me it seems a little bit off .
    conclusion : just a common Portuguese contract bayo with a postwar rework if i am correct ?

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    It could be possible there was a light stamped serial on crossguard and it was moved to ricasso, by removing of 0,1 -0,2mm of surface You will remove markings, is visible on second WaA253 of pommel, as there is missing, so when You have not a caliper You will not measure it correctly. Normal S84/98 width of crossguard is 20mm. But on pommel You should remove of more surface area as on crossguard. The area of crossguard looks plain, which was normally oval in section. b.r.Andy
    The portugal refurbishments of Mo937 is easy to find.
    Rework or contract made ?

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    There can always be that anomaly, that case that doesn't fit the conventional wisdom. Lexis who actually holds the bayonet doesn't believe the crossguard was filed, I would tend to believe him. So maybe there is a need to consider other possibilities such as the ricasso serial numbers are original and not a post refurbishment addition.

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    I would remain on my opinion, the crossguard should be compared with 36/37 piece, or Mo937 wout refurbishment, it looks flatened as the normal crossguard is oval in section, only Elite Diamant made so flatened crossguards, other point there are paralel lines on left side, which was remains on filling mostly, there remained a paint by refurbishment, normally a Mo937 was high quality finished, glossy finish on blade, it was rusted and repaired and black painted by Portugals, there are traces of some possible stamps on crossguard, Lexis could it examine with magnyfying glass, or he could look at reverse pommel, of remains of old serial.
    other way the font of serial on ricasso are typical postwar type and from the pictures it looks like realised already over painted surface, so when You believe the portugal painted it black then the serials should be post this refurbishment. b.r.Andy

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