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s/155k star mark

Article about: what is star mark on handle?

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    Default s/155k star mark

    what is star mark on handle?
    s/155k star mark

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    It looks like the "star burst" rejection mark made by inspectors. This is beside the imperial style mark used before 1938, and may indicate some reworking was needed before passing. Sometimes we see a star burst mark under the makers code, but this could have been an early process inspection rejection.

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    This marking should be a internal forging stamp, various reasons there, rejection stamp were used on proofs.

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    My recollection is that the the "stern" marking on firearms indicted that they were usable, but out of specification and not suitable for further use (for example as in rebuilding/overhauls) without special attention. Best Regards, Fred

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    tnx all

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    Question to our 3 Edged Professors ...for the community and myself.

    If this may have been a rejection stamp ....would of it been necessary to further complete the assembly of the bayonet...or just toss it in the remelt bin for later.

    Why have a completed unusable bayonet if this were the case.

    Regards Larry
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    My intrepretation, (and it's only an opinion, unless someone can find an inspection manual) is that early in production an inspector failed this bayonet for not meeting some specification. It probably was a minor issue and it was tossed in the re-work bin. After some extra work it comes back and this time is passed. The inspector then stamps his eagle acceptance mark next to the earlier reject mark confirming it is now true to specification.

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    You have no confirmation of this as rejection stamp firstly, secondly it could be as mentioned some of the dimmensions are not correct for the time of period but was used lately, for this we should known all the proofs on bayonets and serial number with letter, thirdly when a rejection stamp, the bayonet could be later used for different contract not Wehrmacht, also WaA accepted, but in this case is went through as used S/155 code. b.r.Andy

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    The S/155 code presumely was added after final inspection, under my interpretation. Do you have any document evidence as to inspection protocols?

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