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Some K98 bayonets with double date

Article about: Hello Gentlemen, I am Hugues, a French collector of 56 years. I have only one passion : this bayonets that I collect for many years Some models with double date with a rare FNJ 41/42 : ASW (

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    Hello, Thank you for your comments ! The marking "CAN " can seen on the scabbard with the "t "and "u" blocks, Asw double date 43/44. The ASW 44 is stamped on it. The FNJ 41/42 is a feature I didn't know . My surprise was great when I discovered it .

    Best regards Hugues

    The Hörster made 43/44asw marked S84/98 are of 1944 manufacture. They left the factory in this configuration and should be considered matching 1944 production bayonet/scabbard sets. Their production begins in the very late o block with continuous production through p, q, r, s, t, u, v, ending with the last known pieces found in the very early w block.

    Contracted scabbards produced by the firm of Wallmeier Maschinenfabrik of Eisenach and marked with the three letter maker's code of can are confirmed for 43/44asw pieces in the p, t, and u blocks. can scabbards have also been recorded on riveted grip 44asw examples in the cc block. Alcoso (44fnj) also utilized can scabbards during a short period of their 1944 production. As already noted, the can stamping was often ground away during the finishing process and examples are recorded with the code stamped on the obverse as well reverse throat of the scabbard.

    My thoughts only - Lance O. Adams ....

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    Very nice answers from Experts here, and nice bayonets offcourse, i have reported the 41/42fnj already in dbase, yes is more real that old 41fnj dated piece was used in early of 1942. is certainly not so obvious as the doubble date 43/44 bym, which was normally so stamped in the end of 1943 and beginn of 1944. The 43/44 asw was fully described by Lance and FP. b.r.Andy

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    Great Information Gents
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Great thread here.
    Thanks for sharing.

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