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Some K98 bayonets with double date

Article about: Hello Gentlemen, I am Hugues, a French collector of 56 years. I have only one passion : this bayonets that I collect for many years Some models with double date with a rare FNJ 41/42 : ASW (

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    Smile Some K98 bayonets with double date

    Hello Gentlemen,
    I am Hugues, a French collector of 56 years.
    I have only one passion : this bayonets that I collect for many years

    Some models with double date :
    ASW (Euf Horster ) 43/44 with "Can" stamped on the scabbard.

    BYM 43/44 double date :

    Very scarce FNJ 41/42 (Coppel Gmb.H) double date :

    Best regards Aws
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    Best regards Aws
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    Best regards Aws
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    Very interesting AWS. You've got alot going on there. The BYM - Genossenshaft Mach #98763 is strange. The serial extension for BYM 41/44 manufacture was only 53,000. Do you have any theories how these odd stampings occurred?

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    Hello AWS.. welcome to the are off to a great start with some very nice bayonet types. Your knowledge and collection will be welcomed here and we look forward to more of your K98 or other edged types on the forum. 56 yrs is a long time to collect..and with that many years ..there is many years of knowledge.

    If you have ay questions or concerns..the bayo guys here are very willing and very seasoned in knowledge. I feel you will do well here. Enjoy your stay here Best Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Real nice examples of some nice s84/98 agree on bym I only own one double date one. timothy

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    A very nice collection. I only have one double dated K98 bayonet in my collection and it is one of the ASW 43/44 versions. On your example the scabbard seems to have had something else stamped under the 44 ASW. I can't seem to see what it is. Your thought on that one would be great to hear.

    Semper Fi

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    Hugues, Congratulations for an interesting group of bayonets!! Phil, I think that it's the "can" marking that he mentioned, which is oftentimes see on the serial number side (usually on these welded scabbards ground off). With the "bym" (and "fnj") something that I think AndyB could more properly address, recalling that Mike Welser had a theory with the extra long "bym" serial numbers that offhand I don't recall. With 1944 also being the date that "bym" went to the shorter serial numbers with letters just like the German makers. Best Regards, Fred

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    Thank you for your comments !
    The marking "CAN " can seen on the scabbard with the "t "and "u" blocks, Asw double date 43/44. The ASW 44 is stamped on it.
    The FNJ 41/42 is a feature I didn't know . My surprise was great when I discovered it .

    Best regards Hugues
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    Very nice bayonets. I can only comment on the late war 43/44 dates. As already noted, suspect that Andrej could provide further information on all of these pieces to include the 41fnj. The bym43/44 was produced in early 1944 by the firm of Maschinenhaus Ferlach. From 1939 until early 1944 this company used a unique two-line serial numbering system.

    The upper digits (98763) reflect a sequential serial number; while the bottom numbers (494) are a series or lot number. The lot number increased by one with each series of 200 bayonet/scabbard sets manufactured. If one multiples the lot number by 200 this will provide the highest serial number for that series. In this case, the highest serial number for the 494 lot would be 98800. The next sequential number would have been 98801 > 495. From this we can extrapolate that Aws' example was produced very late in the 494 series.

    These numbers did not "re-set" at the beginning of each calendar year; rather they ran continuously from 1939 until early 1944. The last series number confirmed in my data bases is 498 although I suspect the lots reached 500 in the Spring of 1944 when Ferlach switched to the standard four letter serial number with letter block format. The bym43/44 "double dates" are found in the last of the two line serial number as well as the early A letter block examples.

    The bym43/44 are much scarcer than the 43/44asw pieces. The double dated bayonet/scabbards by ab43/44 (Mundlos) and 44/43cvl (WKC) are even rarer than the Ferlach or Hörster examples. My thoughts only.

    Hope this helps - Lance O. Adams ....

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