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Varation KS 98 Dress Bayonet

Article about: Yes you are correct photo's are like all things a must to tell sometimes we take for granted pieces and don't include all pictures we should. BTW these two are all I have had a opportunity t

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    Default Varation KS 98 Dress Bayonet

    Here is the same bayonet Rancid posted the other day the varation KS98 that resembled the s84/98 more and was a slow mover this one is unmarked and has simulated stag grips which I really think are rare if you look at the amount of these bayonets with stag grips found so the simulated would be even lower in numbers they are not all that common on regular KS98 ones. timothy
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    I like the stag grips...makes the bayo stand out! Is the rifle slot damaged? Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Timothy, is this yours? I am pretty sure this is a stag horn gripped ks 98 that someone has remove the quillion and re-plated. I would love to be wrong, but the grip rivets look messed with and the shape of the cross guard looks a little off, maybe more photo's of this area will help.


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    Yes Larry the slot is damaged by someone unfortunaly trying to force on a rifle they were not meant for this. Jim it is mine it is not Genuine stag but Ersatz stag or artificial stag wooden grips you see them on late war dress bayonets When the Germans were running out of material Wheeler in his book Seitengewher explains this to great detail. I have a regular unmarked KS98 with them also Grip rivits are fine have corroded a lot they are the same on the KS 98 Ersatz grip one I have. Cross guard was never having a quill or upswept piece and the plating is there so it has not been removed and ground off that is what you look for as this is done. When I get around to it I will photograph the end where a upswept quilllion would have been which on this one is fine this is a repost on here as it has been looked at before posted it as Rancid had a similar one with the bakelite grips. The problem with posting a piece like this is that very few bayonet collectors have seen some of the artificial Wooden Stag grips let alone a varation one. timothy

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    I look forward to the pictures and hope to be proved wrong. I clicked your image full size and it really seems to show the crossguard start to change shape, I guess it could be the angle or the lighting. But, looking at the rivets, they have a misshapen flattened appearance, not the rounded finished appearance I'm used to seeing. The simulated staghorn looks just as it should,IMO.

    Best Regards,
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    Default Pioneer Bayonet

    Some close ups of this piece crossguard has not been ground plating is still undisturbed. The flat rivits on the back is a trait of these Ersatz simulated stag as it is the same confirgeration as on the KS98 type. timothy
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    This is the second time someone with no experience with Ersatz gripped bayonets has critizied these two and you wonder why old school collectors like myself and others hesitate to post here. Nuff said thanks for all that have the knowledge of these I suggest you read Wheelers Seitengewher 1919 1945 book and a person could learn a lot from it. These two have been on other sites and got thumbs up from the experts. timothy

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    Timothy, I meant in no way to offend you or your bayonet, please accept my humble apologies. I am far from inexperienced and own many reference books, including Georges' fine book of which I find the most useful when it comes to WWII German bayonets. I am no expert, far from it. I only meant to participate in this thread and raised questions that you said have already been answered long ago. I am new here and did not realize that this was the case. In all my years of collecting, I have learned to be suspicious of any of this style bayo not in perfect or very good condition. A gain please accept my apology.

    Best Regards,

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    No problem Jim the Ersatz gripped ones are not common and do not confirm to any type of ones such as the bakelite ones they were of different construction and late war pieces these also existed in WW1 to a degree when Germany was running out of materials these so called Pioneer ones really have been faked a lot by ruining a good KS98 but always leave tell tale signs as there is no way you can snip or grind down the up guard of a regular KS98 and not be able to tell it I have seen a few of those and everything is mishappen on them. Klaus Lube has two good books on Seitengewher 98 bayo he does I think show maybe one in one volume and one in wear in another volume I wish someone would wright a book on these later variates an cover all of them. thanks timothy

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    The second set of photo's you posted clearly show the correct thickness on the end of the crossguard, It was the 1st set where I drew the arrow that had me questioning it, til you posted the straight on pics.


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