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Varation KS98 dress bayonet with simulated stag grips

Article about: This is a varation of KS98 dress bayonet dubbed Pioneer by collectors but as Sleepwalker says it was just a varation it has simulated stag wood grips. It is unmarked. timothy

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    Default Re: Varation KS98 dress bayonet with simulated stag grips

    the order is out of 1943

    In 1944 were also discussions by a commission to cancel the bayonet production complete, because of the non effective by putting it on a rifle and the handling in the fight. They excepted to made only fighting knifes. New rifle Models. Like the Mp44 / Sturmgewehr 44 haven´t a bayonet lug. A pistol were almost better than a bayonet, so the commission.

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    Default Re: Varation KS98 dress bayonet with simulated stag grips

    First, I am not disagreeing with the above and my G and K 43 rifles were also manufactured without bayonet lugs. But I think that it shows that what was sometimes going on “officially” - does not always show what was or had been going on behind the scenes, or secretly. With the MP 43/44 StG 44 series of weapons that were mentioned perhaps being a good illustration of how sometimes things that were not “official” at the time, later became officially approved.

    And while it’s an interesting topic, I won’t go into all of the details other than to say that the Army Weapons Office worked on the project secretly in spite of opposition from the the Wehrmacht High Command, Speer as the Armaments Minister, and Hitler. Regards to all, Fred

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    First Pioneer style I have seen with artificial stag grips. I have come across a lot more bayonets with real stag than artificial. I don't think it was very popular with the troops.
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    Default Re: Varation KS98 dress bayonet with simulated stag grips

    this bayontes don´t belong to pioneers

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    Default Re: Varation KS98 dress bayonet with simulated stag grips

    I never said the StG 44 was the unique Model without bayonet lug... this was only a example and not the theme.

    The conference (Ausschusssitzung der Sonderkommission Infanteriewaffen) was from 20.10. to 01.11.1944. In the result no bayontes, including the SG42, should produced.
    The most fims do so... only a small count of firms are known with 1945 date. And this quantity is so low (according to their serial numbers) that the S84/98 were produced maximum a month... or stock parts / rest were assembled in 1945.

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    Default Re: Varation KS98 dress bayonet with simulated stag grips

    Uniqueness (or a lack of) was not my point. I was merely citing another example, although it did happen to precede the conference by a relatively long period of time. And while some very limited numbers of 1945 dated bayonets are known, there are extremely scarce which could certainly be signs of manufacturing being terminated. But as events transpired it might not have made much difference no matter what came out of the conference. Because Solingen, which periodically had seen some air raids directed against it, a few days after the conference was over saw a much larger raid which was reported to have destroyed a large portion of the city. And from other sources some major producers like Coppel and Eickhorn were reported to have been heavily damaged. Regards, Fred

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