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Vet (father) bring back k98 Engraved Dress Bayonet.

Article about: That is in beautiful condition!!!!! So did he bring back the Heer dagger in the background of the first and second pic?????? Semper Fi Phil Yes sir, he did bring that one back too. I have so

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    Fred Green

    Default Re: Vet (father) bring back k98 Engraved Dress Bayonet.


    The link that he direted Ade to is a list of waffenfarbe or the color of service for each branch in the Army. No where, I repeat, no where does this connect or correlate with a plug of felt in a dress bayonet. Please show me a Heer regulation/Luftwaffe Regulation or sword manufacturers list that designates that each color goes with each branch.

    Your father probably picked up this bayonet post war or in a billets some place. Dress bayonets and troddlns were not usually seen on the battle field.

    Two other collectors mentioned that they had found Luftwaffe bayonets with yellow plugs in the mortisse. I have seen and am very familiar with green and red plugs and have not seen any other colors.


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    Default Re: Vet (father) bring back k98 Engraved Dress Bayonet.

    Quoted by Yooper="This would also maybe make more sense as to how my Dad got it? Him being in tanks and maybe having come across a German Tank Unit with Armored Infantry following it?


    if the list is in fact accurate, but I see there are a couple of objections to it there already.

    I wish I could just delete this reply now

    Hi Yooper there will be no need to delete your reply and rest assured you have not caused any strife. I feel you contributed to a subject that is questionable. Your links are fine as it adds to the discussion. I will mention this to Ade upon his return and he will comment on it personally. The information that I can gather so far is the color designation comes directly from Eickhorn. Which also has been commented on the GDC in this link. Eickhorn short dress bayonet -
    Regards Larry
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    Default Re: Vet (father) bring back k98 Engraved Dress Bayonet.

    I was under the impression that felt plugs related to branch of service and also related to the Waffenfarbe on caps and shoulder boards???

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