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What kind of dagger is this ?

Article about: Heyy Folks! My friend show me this dagger . (Some fact from the auction) -F.W Höller in 1939. LW bayonet is in super condition . Nummerlik 6863 on bajla and leaves. It has the very rare LBA

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    Default What kind of dagger is this ?

    Heyy Folks!

    My friend show me this dagger .

    (Some fact from the auction)
    -F.W Höller in 1939.

    LW bayonet is in super condition .

    Nummerlik 6863 on bajla and leaves.

    It has the very rare LBA marking on bärlädret .
    Just bärlädret is cruel hard to find today in 1000 patch.

    Associated Portope , NB , STAFF flatbed artillery extremely difficult to find.

    Bayonet has WAFFEN AMT stamps at six places , two on the handle , a bayonet scabbard renewed at the bottom of the knob , on a lock button , one on each side of the grip plates , very unusual .

    The bayonet is in super condition , although it has been in the service , with the whole blåneringen left unground .

    This kind of items will rarely for sale, smokers more pictures , please email .

    NOTE . I have some copies of the documents on the original owner. Oberst Absinthe Attendant Richard Schneider, who sickas with the bayonet if interested.

    Bits from the I bought the bayonet of :

    Hi Peter , now owns one of the finest K -98 bayonets throughout
    Sweden , I can guarantee you it is the only one of its kind , I have
    been looking at lots of salts but have not found a single LBA noticed bärläder .

    Oberst Absinthe Attendant Richard Schneider was appointed oberinspektor im staff 20/4 in 1941 , advanced up to Oberst absinthe same 20/4 1945 in Flak Abteilung 904, you will understand that he was a guy with power so it may well be that that was why he had a very unusual bayonet , to appear , since it was only officers who had to bear Portope , door open as you see hanging on the bayonet is green colored it had only staff , or as it was called the battle line the red color of the bud always means artillery, this also had arm ( Wehrmacht ) , flatbed mean air defense , both SS troops and SA troops and LW (Air) had RBN marking on bärläderna to bayonets , they always began with a No. : type 00 and then a lot of numbers , but since the beginning of 1940 , got LW (Air) own breeding , LBA that is what is so cruel rare I've been doing it since 1990 , and I've only seen it twice in real life.

    This, with all stamps WWA ( Waffen Amt hallmarks ), I have never seen before and I have seen many bayonets believe me!

    This is Google Translate at their best .

    Can someone tell me what this is ?
    A Original bayonet from Waffen ? Price ect?
    Sry for the mess......

    All the best closer.

    What kind of dagger is this ?What kind of dagger is this ?What kind of dagger is this ?What kind of dagger is this ?

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    Not good, in my opinion. The sheath looks repainted and the portapee looks like brand new. Almost certainly, not a long time pairing. I don't even like the appearance of the numbers on the blade-they look freshly applied. As for the Luft wings on the grip panel? Who knows, but from the Rest f the set alone, I would not have this piece in my collection.

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    Need to see the year-of-manufacture stamp
    and a makers name.........


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    Quote by Walkwolf View Post
    Need to see the year-of-manufacture stamp
    and a makers name.........
    Thinking along Steve's input some more pictures I think would be helpful. Aside from that - the traditional small sidearms for officers were daggers or in wartime pistols. Grip emblems were not approved. 1939 Höllers should probably have the black plastic grips (from memory need to find some notes for exceptions). Was it refinished - very possibly - which is where some better photos might help. With the frog looking like the tie strap has been removed - also refinished (?). Best Regards, Fred

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    It looks like the portapee has been there for 72hours, not 72 years.
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    Like the Luft Marked Frog. Matching numbers on blade do seem odd from pictures but could be okay. Not sure about authenticity of knot / portepee. Billy G is my portepee guy on here. See what he weighs in with. Not fond of the look of this one. Gut says no and been messed with but been wrong before.

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    this is not a Portepee, this is a knot. Used by men of a 14. Company of a Pionier, Supply, Intelligence or Motor untis of the Heer.
    Never used by the air-force.... the airforce used Faustriemen (Leather slings...).
    Also this example is walking-out Version... not a service-kont und were worn together with a dress-bayonet.

    The frog is orginal and heavy carried. Version for the airforce with stamp of the Luftwaffenbekleidungsamt Sonneberg (Thüringen) ( L.B.A.(S) ). Maker is "Götze & Sohn Gersdorf 1939". The security strap was removed.

    For a evaluation of the bayonet a need better pics from the bayonet in daylight, the maker and the other stamps... because of the correct colour of the bluing.

    Enclosed pics of a service knot. These were made ot of wool or blended fabric but never out of artificial silk.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture What kind of dagger is this ?   What kind of dagger is this ?  

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    You have the bayonet in the scabbard backwards. The wings are on the wrong side of the grip.

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