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WOW! 3K for an SS Bayo, knot & frog

Article about: Saw this one pop up today on consignment with Tom for 3K....WOW! Wittmann Militaria #37591C SS Dress Bayonet with 'SD' Knot (SS 188/35 RZM)

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    Default WOW! 3K for an SS Bayo, knot & frog

    Saw this one pop up today on consignment with Tom for 3K....WOW!

    Wittmann Militaria #37591C SS Dress Bayonet with 'SD' Knot (SS 188/35 RZM)

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    Circuit advertisement WOW!  3K for an SS Bayo, knot & frog
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    The market is very slow yet the prices keep getting higher...

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    About three weeks ago I believe that this exact example showed up for discussion on another forum with a different set of pictures that did not show the deep crack in the cross guard very well. With the bottom line being that there are also some reasonably well versed individuals who doubt that they are period - versus being postwar altered (for multiple reasons).

    SS Bayonet, Opinions please - Militaria Forums

    Best Regards, Fred

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    3K for a questionable dress bayo? Good luck...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Must admit I don't know anything about bayonets, but that looks like a nice rare NCO sword knot.

    Does it belong on there then? I bet its $1200-1500 on its own.

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    1935 is still in the early period..and my question for the Bayo collectors. When did the plating process begin as I am seeing loss and lifting of plating on the fittings. I know I cant compare a bayo to an early type dagger whether political or non political...yet the early Edged weapons seem to show a greater plating process..than the later Edged types.

    I can see how mid to later period Edged types show a change in quality regarding this platting for the bayonet collectors......

    What are your thoughts on the differences between early an late period plating process? Why is a 1935 dated early type having this loss of plating?
    I dont collect the bayonets..but for the readers and including myself...please elaborate..other than..what I read on the WAF thread..which I also have to agree with Fred and Ron my question still stands

    When did the metal use process change..what year was the turning point for materials. Regards Larry
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    The prices getting ridiculous and simply unfair for the avarage collector! It just isn't fair!!! 3K...? He must be out of his mind.
    For that money, you can buy a nice SS-dagger. Maybe a bit more.
    But money and making money is the most important thing it seems.

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    Still an active area of research and interest for me I'm a little short of time this AM, but can offer this piece of information to at least partially answer Larry's (very astute IMO) question: For the M1936 SS daggers the first two production series used nickel silver, with the 3rd production series (the so-called "Type I") using an earlier type of plating. Best Regards, Fred

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    I saw this for sale on German Daggers forum for sale section & thought to myself > WTF

    a plain late period bayo with a hilt made from pot metal in average condition with a questionable SS stamp & year of production 1935 ?, i think the hilt should be made from steel on a 35 dated bayo ?

    What would you rather spend 3k on this Q thing or a nice early SS dagger ?

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    The only one of these I have ever seen was at the Max show 7-8 years ago. It was in nicer condition than this one and had a excellent frog but no knot. It was priced around $2000. Way more than I would pay but it was gone from the table the first day of the show.

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