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Auschwitz 2010

Article about: This is some of the photos i took in auschwitz (poland) this year. Horrible place but i dont regreat visiting it to honor the poor people who had been here. It really makes you grow as a per

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    Very good photos.

    A place I would like to visit someday.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Thanks Ade!

    About the "GIFTGAS", it is actually swedish and means "Poison gas". All gas that where used to kill the jews where bought from Sweden and was a very heavy insect poison.. Not mentioed in the museum.

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    Thanks for posting, i was thare in october this year, the place is still on my mind,
    I went through Block 10 on my own...(no one else in the building) a very heavy athmosphere, i could not wait to get out of thare...

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    Is that the replica Arbeit Macht Frei sign hanging over the gate? I heard about the ridiculous theft and recovery of the original. What a stupendously stupid incident. A very sobering place indeed. What language is "Stoj" on the Halt sign? Polish I assume. NH

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    No it is the original sign. The "order" of the theft came from a rich guy from Sweden, but they found it and wielded it together again (the thiefs cut it in 2 pieces) and put it back.

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    Very good photos as the others have said, and a place that I plan on visiting in the near future. I think its difficult to even comprehend what went on there, and the other camps and what humans are capable of doing to each other.



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    Very moving place to visit,i went a couple of years ago.
    Make sure u stay in Krakow great city and many companies in Krakow run tours .

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    You are wise beyond your years Monuir. When the youth of our world can comprehend the dreadful past, there is hope for the future. Wonderful photos and perspective.


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    Thanks guys! Yes LMG1 Krakow is a nice city! You don't need a guide to go to Auschwitz actually it is free entrance to all of auschwitz. The guides are often lame because many of them you have to go with 20-30 other people and cant get pictures without 30 people in the way and also i liked going there with my girlfriend only, exploring and taking everything in my own time. In one of the rooms i had to get down on my knees and with tears in my eyes pray for all the tortured souls... I would really recommend not going with a guide, just do some reading before you go, also there is signs everywhere with history in english, japanese end german.

    Also, if you go to Krakow there is a really nice Antique store that only deals with old war iteems, its called arsenal and is close to the center. I made some really good deals there, the polish partisan cross from the 40's for 15 euro, the polish warsawa defense medal for 7.5 euro and the polish defense of the western borders medal for 7.5 euro.

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