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Budapest Apartment Reveals Huge Document Find

Article about: Some 6,300 documents have been found behind a wall in a Budapest apartment. The files, a large part of the Nazi census undertaken during 1944, are fortunately in fine condition due to a lack

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    Thx Carl. And what a monumental amount of work for those ladies! History must never be forgotten. It's up to us to do this for now, I'm not sure who later... Most young people (in the US anyway) couldn't even tell you when WWII happened ;-(

    It's easy to get caught up in the hysteria of collecting, and admiring our trophies (my wife has a much more cynical view and doesn't share in the "admiration" 1%, and that is sobering), but posts like your are the reminders we need of what a dark time in history and what an insanely murderous system this was. Sometimes, when I come back down to reality, I feel like I don't want to spend another dime on this stuff. But I always do...

    All the same, I buy a lot of books, and try to immerse myself in the history as much as possible, Holocaust history being a related but separate topic, most of these books deal mainly with politics and battles. If you have a family member (or more) who ended - literally - in a camp, Holocaust history takes on a much sharper meaning, and the material cannot be read casually or glossed over.

    I thank you for your work.

    PS You're right, 7500 a day, got my zeros a little mixed up.
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