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Dachau concentration camp inmate's complete uniform

Article about: how you see this? I've always had an interest in having this only for historical purposes , I clarify that in no way intend to raise unworthy fact, it would not be more than articles of the

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    A Repugnant set but still an item of history nonetheless. I have to say, though, that after leafing through some of the website in question's offerings, that I am having abit of trouble accepting everything they sell as being authentic. Camp and Ghetto relics are horrendously faked and many are aged to near perfection. To find so Many of this type of relic being sold in one place is, alone, enough to raise alarm bells. Holocaust pieces are, in general, repellant to most in the collecting world and rightly so. You are dealing with an Evil era and one of untold countless suffering and horrors. It's a matter of personal beliefs and feelings to be dealt with for each individual person, I suppose. Having said that, I would advise severe caution if you intend to pursue this questionable line of collecting. A person can quite easily irrevocably lose Large amounts of money in trusting or believing the wrong seller. I am not saying that this particular seller is dishonest-I do not Know, but I, personally, do not trust such a huge and extensive site.
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    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Quote by Larry C View Post
    Hi Dan..I have also taken the liberty of removing your current Hitler Smiling avatar and exchanged it for a temporary one until you can find a more suitable one that may not offend. The content of the thread and with a smiling Hitler a bad mix..and is not allowed on this forum. Any questions contact the Moderator Carl who oversees this forum..myself..or the Administrator Adrian Stevenson..all of which have been notified and this thread itself posted in the Moderators forum for review. Regards Larry
    I commend Larry on this action as we are not a Neo-Nazi site and I have no tolerance for Hitlerism or the evils he produced.


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    As to the items that started this thread, they are not something I would ever want to own. I also have doubts as to their originality.


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    I agree with those who would say these belong in museums (if authentic). I don't know if I believe in a sense of karma attached to things like this, but it's definitely hard to stomach something like this profiting a person $13,000. That said, these items are as important (if not more so) to the history of the time as any other item we collect. I would like to think they belong in places where they will reach and impact the most people possible. Having something like this in my collection would be interesting in the context of once again holding a piece of history, so I empathize with someone considering such a piece. That said, the story that set of clothes tells is too important for one collector to keep for themselves IMO, and thus it seems like a crime to pursue them for personal interest or profit. For that reason, I would probably pass on it myself and look for something more proper for collectors of this history.

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    The description is enough for me. "Awesome" and "concentration camp" in the same line. Just stop.

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    One must consider a COA. I can stitch together a uniform, age it, ect... and then issue a Certificate of Authority saying its a real deal! Take into account this KZ uniform, How many EXPERTS are there in the field of Holocaust uniforms? I mean real, honest down and dirty experts? In all my years of collecting, i have never met one. Even the Holocaust Museum has a KZ uniform, but if i remember correctly, it was given to them by a survivor. This web site deals in what i call HOLOCAUST PORN. There are so many artifacts listed that I am in serious doubt as to their being legit. And for 13 Grand!!! No way. It screams fraud.

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    Dubious items on a dubious site! An interesting read on this topic can be found in the book
    "Counterfeiting the Holocaust" by Alec S. Tulkoff.


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    I would associate myself with the sentiments expressed by the wider membership here.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Quote by Dan Miller View Post
    how you see this? I've always had an interest in having this only for historical purposes , I clarify that in no way intend to raise unworthy fact, it would not be more than SS' items... they ask 13 k

    thx, Dan

    Attachment 824889Attachment 824897Attachment 824896Attachment 824895Attachment 824894Attachment 824893Attachment 824892Attachment 824891Attachment 824890Attachment 824898

    WW2 Concentration camp KL original items - Awesome named Dachau concentration camp inmate's complete uniform with documents!!!
    historical purposes purposes sure, I doubt if you'd be wearing it to a Halloween party, at least I hope not. I won't moralize, but that site doesn't seem very reputable to say the least. In fact did you read the terms there, they are middlemen for most of what they have listed, they strike me as the Charlie Snyders of Holocaust memorabilia, complete with Zyklon B.
    In short, I'd say you'd have to be insane to gamble $13 g's at a dump like that.
    That said, the set does appear genuine but as others have pointed out, faking this stuff is down to a science and really not that hard to do compared to medals/weapons. Wasn't interested enough to pursue the documentation, but obviously that can be easily faked as well.
    If you had the items in hand you'd have a very tough sell on your hands.

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    Quote by seventyeighth View Post
    The description is enough for me. "Awesome" and "concentration camp" in the same line. Just stop.
    Yes! "Awesome" and "concentration camp" do NOT go together...

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