Conspiracy is an excellent film, indeed. The cast is universally strong, with the standout performance being that of Kenneth Branagh. His Heydrich is fiercely intelligent, charismatic, dominant, manipulative and with an ever-present underlying air of dangerousness even when he is superficially charming (actually, particularly in those moments). In my opinion, this is still the best filmic portrayal of Heydrich to date.

In case anybody was wondering; my choice for the close second-best would be David Warner (who is one of my favorite actors anyway) who played a deeply cynical and sarcastic Heydrich in the 1985 made-for-TV movie Hitler's S.S.: Portrait in Evil. It's not a perfect film, but he was just brilliant in that role. (In fact, he had already played Heydrich in Holocaust seven years earlier.)

Both men delivered fine performances and gave us impressive, intense, but nuanced portrayals of this character without making the mistake of turning him into a comic-book villain.