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Holocaust veteran interviews

Article about: Im searching for interviews, videos of people that took part in the holocaust as camp guards,executioners or other stuff .....NOT PRISON SURVIVORS I have searched and found only a few, mostl

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    I notice that he speaks unemotionally and very matter-of-factly of the death-routine in Treblinka...I would have been more incensed if he had denied that the exterminations took place at all...I also was not aware that they used a Russian tank engine for the gas-chambers there instead of Zyklon B as in Auschwitz...Details only someone who was really there would know, I believe...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Yeah sick how a human can be so cruel and cold thanks for the video

    Same goes for theese no Nazis but the same cold minded, i can see how they hate the germans but im afraid it was only regular wehrmacht soldiers.

    And here a survivor also talks about that tank engine they used for the gas chambers

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    the final line of the interview of that camp guard is not perfectly translated.

    he is translated as saying, "no, chief, we're just reprieved corpses."

    what is really said is, "no, chief, we're just corpses on holiday."

    it doesn't seem like much of a change, but the idea that a living person could see themselves, in the living, as merely existing take a break from being a corpse is a horrific statement as to what guards like this man created there.

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    I think there is a link on the Holocaust Museum's site in Washington. Also go to you tube and check the World at War series the volume on the Holocaust is I think # 16 or 20
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