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Jasenovac Concentration Camp

Article about: Thankyou Carl for putting this together.

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    Thankyou Carl for putting this together.
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Sorry Carl, I meant to thank you also, you always post fascinating threads with a great deal of research behind them. Thanks mate, the subject matter is often disturbing but the quality and quantity of the information is magnificent.

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    Thank you for your kind comments gents, glad that the thread is of interest.
    Experienced guide and published author leading detailed study trips to the former KZ sites of Nazi Germany. Contact for further details.

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    Was there. Scary place to be honest.
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    many thanks carl.

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    The violent bloodthirstiness of the Ustasa shocked even the hardened German SS. Himmler, in particular, was said to be aghast at the bloodiness of their killings and said to that effect(paraphrased) "Everyone will blame Us for this!". Most everyone who studies the war era in Europe knows full well of the Nazi KZ system and the Einsatzkommandos, the gassing vans, etc, but very few people at all seem to know much about the Ustasa. The Ustasa liked to boast that they "Out Nazied the Nazis!". That they were the true embodiment of the spirit of Nazism and had stuck true to the original ways. Their atrocities read like badly written fiction-horrendous killings of many many thousands of people-men,women, children, old, young...-tortured hideously before being slaughtered, mass killings with sledgehammers on church alters, men executed by having their heads sawed off with saws, contests of throat cuttings with knives made especially for this purpose, buckets and barrels of eyeballs being collected, bottomless pit sinkholes being given thousands of bodies-all thrown in fully alive and conscious...and the lists go on and one-most of them proudly photographed by the killers for posterity of their own glorious days in power.

    A couple of randomly selected websites to check out some of these seemingly unbelievable claims:
    Memories of a Croatian Soldier - Stranica 01
    Or simply do a Google search for "WWII Croatia Atrocities"

    All of us who have ever collected or studied wartime history all dance around the subject of the Concentration camps and the mass executions of the SS(And yes-the Army as well)-we simply don't like to talk about it. It makes us uncomfortable that such things could have been occurring and were officially sanctioned by the country who's fighting forces we can't but help to admire. That such hard-fighting men who's unquestionable bravery and tenacity in battle could have been fighting for a system who was also doing such terrible things- we don't like to address this. But then we turn to such even More horrifying and revolting butchery as the Ustasha committed and it's there where we finally draw the line and turn away in revulsion. We can't rationalize Any of it away nor can we turn a blind eye to such things as Jasenovac and pretend that it happened in some far away place in a time long long ago under circumstances that we cannot relate to. These things did not happen in some ancient Mongol Invasion or with Tamerlane and one of his pyramids of heads....These things happened in Modern times by seemingly Normal people and there is no explanation for it. How can a person explain Catholic Priests gouging out the eyes of terrified young women and smashing their skulls on Church alters with steel hammers until the blood poured out the front doors into the streets? The same priests giving sermons before and After the butchery? Battle hardened Germans-long enured to seeing repellant scenes of death and destruction aplenty and Then some were vomiting their lunches after seeing just a touch of what their staunch allies the Ustasha were and had been doing.

    Ultimately, in the end, the Ustasha were abandoned by their beloved leader Ante Pavelic who fled the country and left his army to their own devices. They chose to fight their way West to surrender to the British rather than fall into the hands of their blood enemy Josip Tito and his Partisans. It was at a small town in Austria named Bleiburg that the Ustasha met their doom. Having fought their way out of Croatia and across the South of Europe, 200,000 Ustasha troops accompanying 500,000 civilians were finally cornered enmasse in a mountain valley outside of Bleiburg Austria and there they arranged to surrender to the British forces on the 15th of May 1945. Except that Fate had an even Nastier surprise for them in store. The British calmly went along with their surrender, disarmed them, and proceeded to load them all onto trains and transport.......back to Croatia where Tito and his men waited with even More blood thirsting vengeance craving hearts for their return. They called it, quite appropriately, "Operation Keelhaul". Some historians say that this resulted in the deaths of nearly 300,000 of both Ustasha prisoners and civilians, but the true tally will likely never be known for certain. The ultimate Ustase, however, took a little longer to bring to justice. Ante Pavelic, after abandoning his men and his country at the end of the war fled the region and ended up in Spain, where in 1957, yet another long memoried enemy met up with him and tried to kill him. Pavelic died 2 years later still in Spain on 28 December 1959.
    He is considered a great hero today in Croatia where many streets are named after him and he is the subject of a great many monuments...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Ahh yes, the Ustashe were very brutal indeed. I remember hearing of visiting German SS men getting nauseated and disgusted by what the Ustashe did to inmates. The use of the Serb cutter and axes was too brutal even for SS men! You know they must have been cruel, to disturb the SS...I think they were even einsatzgruppen! Bob C. , I also saw the history channel's program, " nazi collaborators" featuring the Ustashe and its leader , Ante Pavelic...truly a terrible man. All in the name of catholosism, too.

    Here are a couple items from the Ustashe , including a photo from jasenovac KZ. And a cap badge for Ustashe . The photo is printed by the Ridax Co. On the reverse.
    Thanks,tiger88 for posting this. People always smash the German people during th TR but don't realize the Ustashe were much worse.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Jasenovac Concentration Camp   Jasenovac Concentration Camp  

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    I know that I've posted these elsewhere earlier, but here is a few of the little bits of Ustasha relics in my collection-including one of the only known silver rings in existence, dug from the fields of Bleiburg.

    Jasenovac Concentration CampJasenovac Concentration CampJasenovac Concentration CampJasenovac Concentration CampJasenovac Concentration CampJasenovac Concentration CampJasenovac Concentration CampJasenovac Concentration CampJasenovac Concentration Camp

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Great stuff, William! I'm just starting to collect Ustashe items.I got mine from a fellow member of the forum who digs them up.that ring is stunning! Thanks for sharing.

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    Yes even the SS were disgusted by the Ustashe. Some of the most horrid brutal crimes against humanity were committed.

    During the civil war and the break up of Yugoslavia we had a Serbian and a Croat working for us in one of my shops, both good young guys, the Serb had a bit of a temper and the Croat wasn't the sharpest pencil in the pack, but nice guys and they got along and worked together well. They both gave notice they were quitting and going back home to fight in the war. I was astounded, I said you guys work together, and you might meet in a battle? Are you serious? They said we are friends here but not at home. I wished them well and never saw them again. How nuts is that.

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