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"Jude" star of David armband for opinions...

Article about: Hi all. As I've never come across one of these before, and I know they're heavily faked, I thought I'd post this here for opinions before coming to any conclusions one way or the other. Plea

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    For obvious reasons original holocaust related items are very rare . On the other hand, there are a lot of repros (some of them total invention and most of them artificially aged)
    I also believe this is a repro (unless the current owner could provide a solid provenance - but I don't think it's the case...)

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    Quote by CARL View Post
    Poor design...modern construction...artificially aged...incorrect font...
    Absolutely no chance of being a period piece for the reasons Carl has listed above. Having seen original items of this nature with provenance first hand at the Yad Vashem museum in Jerusalem, I can with confidence give the opinion that this one is a fake. Leon.
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