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Mauthausen Execution Room - Genickschussecke

Article about: Of the near 100,000 victims who perished within the Mauthausen camp system, many died at this spot - the Genickschussecke (neck shooting corner). The Genickschuss method of shooting a single

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    Thought provoking.

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    Dwight Eisenhower was a man with unbelievable sight into the future. He had as many Allied soldiers and German civilians as possible view the inside of the camps. He did this as he foretold that the day would come in the future when deniers of the Holocaust would emerge. Unfortunately, he was correct. We must never forget the horrors that occured at these places.


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    It is incredible to think that the deniers have come out while this is still in living memory.

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    I understand that there have always been wicked, cruel and despicable people in this world, always have been and always will be, but my God how do people get to the point of hating others so much they can dupe them into a room under the nation they are having their photos taken, and instead puting a gun to their neck and pulling the trigger. May they all rest in peace, and those responsible rot in Hell.

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    Quote by sandgroper View Post
    It is incredible to think that the deniers have come out while this is still in living memory.
    A guy i work with went on a rhine river tour Germany and the young tour guide in her words said " This is where a historical building use to be and another over there but thanks to the Americans and allies then bombed them and are now gone forever"
    My work mate who is a big bikie looking dude and a big fan off WW2 collecting and history said the allies where trying to stop evil and he mentioned the camps. She then said " What camps" She was convinced that it was all a lie. She was more upset of lost historical buildings than anything else
    They got into a big argument and most the people on the tour demanded to get off right there including my mate inwhich he did. ( Had to find his way back to accomodation) He put in a complaint to the tour company
    This is a true story and i really hope every one knows what happed to avoid anything like this happen again

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    I wonder if it was the DDSG that did the river tour.

    Another excellent thread Carl!

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    I have heard similar stories... What do they educate their yound ones on this subject ??
    Denial ??? Do the German people even recocnise a fault during WW 2 or poass it on as rubbish..
    Curious...?? Gwar

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    I also worked with a German guy here in Australia. He is 20yrs old and was taught all about it back in primary/high school in Berlin and knows exactly what happend so i think that they must be taught about it. Maybe just a few schools dont?
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    Thanks for the thread Carl. Great work as always.

    For whatever reason, this is the most striking piece I've read on the Holocaust.

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    From a US National Archives finding aid report on Mauthausen:

    "...A number of international and American agencies participated in successful secret negotiations with high-level German SS leaders for prisoner exchanges and other early releases of selected camp inmates in the spring of 1945."

    Any more information on this deal would be interesting, there was one reference to French prisoner exchange:

    "....Affidavit sworn by exchanged French prisoners (early releasees from Mauthausen) Lt. Col. Guivante de Saint Gast and Lt. Jean Veith".

    Who or what were the Mauthausen prisoners exchanged for? How many and why were these particular prisoners chosen from the thousands if inmates?
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