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Part of Dachau camp gate bearing Nazi slogan stolen

Article about: Part of Dachau camp gate bearing Nazi slogan stolen | World news | The Guardian German police say part of a wrought-iron gate at the former Dachau concentration camp bearing the Nazi slogan

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    Default Historic gate at Dachau concentration camp stolen

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    Anyone know if the Auschwitz one got put back together? Was it put back up or is it now a replica now

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    Areally cheap thing to do... It's like stealing a column from the Parthenon...
    As for the Auswitz gate the last thing i heard is that the inscription standing on the iron gate is a replica and the original is kept in the Museum!

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    In France, they say the gate was stolen in 1945, it is a copy, I don't know if it is true...
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    This is absolutely disgraceful. I hope the ghosts of 40000 people torment the sleep of whoever has done this for all eternity. Unfortunately I think this is probably a "stolen to order" situation rather than an opportunistic theft, either way it is a disrespectful, despicable crime against the memory of all the poor unfortunate people who went through those gates. What sort of sick, evil mind would even want something like that in their home?

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    If someone wants this, the better way is to make a copy, because it's copy anyway

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    Moved to the appropriate forum. Thank you for the link.

    I will not add any comment regarding those who have taken the sign, for patent reasons.
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    Let's hope the gate is recovered and the thief punished!....
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    Is there any security anywhere??....first Dachau??
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    Sounds like the guy that stole Auschwitz gate cut it up out of some hate for it and maybe what the camp stood for.
    If so what a stupid way of showing it by stealing it and destroying such a important part of history.
    Leaving it there so we all can see and remember what happened so it never happens again
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