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SS soap

Article about: I bought this SS soap three years ago in a antique fair for 50 dolars, the seller din't know what was that. Today, I was searching aabout this soap and I found in a site that it was made of

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    even if this is fake my only question would be why.............why would you even want to own such an item even knowing it could be made of human fat ??????????????

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    I agree with Bob. Stick to the facts regarding the bar of soap which opened the thread and don't let it degenerate any further in the direction of the war crimes argument. This is not the forum for that kind of discussion. Emotions run high over the Holocaust - think before you type.

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    I think there is a place for such things in a collection, but maybe not in private ones. I think the person here bought the soap as a SS item, the heard the rumours, and was asking for clarification. If there was a way to test it, DNA maybe and it did turn out to be human, then as others have said it should be treated as a human and either given to a synagogue where they may have something in place to deal with such things or handed to a holocaust museum.

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