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Actually, a Kapo was a prisoner functionary [Funktionshäftling] at a concentration camp who was assigned to supervise other prisoners or carry out administrative tasks.

Kapos were not necessarily Jewish; the majority came from other inmate categories, in most cases criminals or political prisoners. (Although there were Jewish Kapos as well.)

The Ghetto Police was referred to as Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst [Jewish Order Service] or Jüdische Ghettopolizei [Jewish Ghetto Police].

(The colored triangles, too, were only used within the concentration camps. For Jewish prisoners, they were combined with a yellow triangle to form the Star of David.)

Quite correct. Many Kapos, especially during the initial phase of establishment and construction of a Konzentrationslager, were actually German criminals or political prisoners. The SS chose these individuals to govern the inmates for several reasons, including the obvious communication benefit, general willingness of the Kapo to mete out punishment on another human being and also the benefits of taking into account their prior "skill set" - i.e. criminal experience, which also came in handy when the SS wanted the prisoners monitored closely.

The items shown in the attachments above are both patently fantasy pieces. Common garbage found on fleaBay etc.

If you really want a reproduction example, I suggest study period images beforehand - that way, you will know what to look for. The amount of fantasy and reproduction variants of these armbands and patches is rather vast.