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Article about: Late in 1941, a labour camp for Jews, later known as Treblinka-I, began operating with the majority of inmates working in the nearby gravel pits. Non-Jewish Poles were also imprisoned at the

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    Personally, I have always regarded Treblinka with even more disgust than even Auschwitz. At Auschwitz and it's endless sub-camps, there was, at least, the pretense of labor and working, but at Treblinka, it was nothing but a murder factory. Recent studies have shown that at Treblinka the ground itself is literally covered with human ashes. At Auschwitz, the ashes were disposed of into the Vistula and elsewhere, but at Treblinka, they were simply spread out over the grounds themselves. A Truly nightmarish place. Even the much discussed Clock in the fake train station had painted on hands that never moved. A place of pure horror.

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    William, thank you for your comments and I am sure that many would agree with you. But just to clarify - as many are unaware of this fact, Treblinka did actually also have an Arbeitslager (work camp), although the infamous Vernichtungslager (Extermination Camp) is the one that is known to a far greater extent. The Auschwitz camp system had much larger camps, patently - Auschwitz must be considered as both an Arbeitslager and Vernichtungslager...even Auschwitz-II (Birkenau) had a massive slave labour force - those who were not murdered immediately.

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    Ditto here, thx!

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