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WARNING - GRAPHIC IMAGES - Lot of 9 Pictures Taken at KL Buchenwald - Opinions Needed

Article about: WARNING - GRAPHIC IMAGES BELOW!!!!! Good evening fellow collectors, I have been given the opportunity to purchase these rare pictures taken by an American GI after the liberation of Buchenwa

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    These images on these postcards....need to be properly the KZ forum..and properly edited. It is now far from matter of opinion,,,and is a matter of respect..for the content of the images. Does not belong here regardless of what kind of paper its on.
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    Thread now moved.
    Experienced guide and published author leading detailed study trips to the former KZ sites of Nazi Germany. Contact for further details.

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    Quote by CARL88 View Post
    Thread now moved.
    Thank you Carl!

    Thank you, Glen.

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    As stated above, several of these images are very familiar images and have certainly been published on numerous occasions. These are not casual snapshots. Do a Google Image search for "Buchenwald" and you will see several of these images. Some may be cropped or sized, but they are the same views. Unless the person who took these photos were standing in line behind the professional photographer who took the commercially released shots, and the picture taker stepped into his exact footsteps when he was done and used the same camera,grade of film and used the same filters, etc., I am not seeing how else it would be possible. The background lighting-time of day,weather conditions, etc are all the same as the commercially released photos. But, as long as you are happy with them, that is all that really matters here in the long run anyway.

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    With regard the obelisk photo of April 1945. The Jews from the "Small Camp" were not invited to attend the ceremony held by the Communist political prisoners at the obelisk built just 8 days after the liberation to commemorate the camp victims.
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