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Zyklon B can opener?

Article about: by bigmacglenn1966 My German grandmother used one of those for years... cheers, Glenn I would also say it's just a can opener. I doubt they used special ones for Cyklon B.

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    The letter in the original post is dated June 1940, over a year before the first experimental gassing at Auschwitz in September 1941 whose victims consisted of Soviet PoWs and a group of Polish inmates so is not related to subsequent murderous use of Zyklon B in the death camps.

    I agree with others this can opener is an old can opener and may have some "collectible" merit in that fact, rather than being associated with anything more sinister.

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    Just a period can opener in good condition nothing to do with nasty they used a large punch tool for the unthinkable.


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    The information mentioned in my earlier response:

    Zyklon B was sold in sheet steel cans which were soldered shut at the factory. They were opened using a sharp circular cutter, specifically made for the purpose. The cutter was struck sharply once with a hammer - and could not be resealed later. Patently, once the can was opened all of the contents had to be used. The product was sold and priced according to weight (RM5.00/KG). The weight was always clearly marked on the label of the can - 100g, 200g, 500g, 1KG and 1.5KG.
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