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Early model WKC

Article about: What do you guys think about this one,it has no release button. Regards

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    Default Early model WKC

    What do you guys think about this one,it has no release button.


    Early model WKCEarly model WKCEarly model WKCEarly model WKCEarly model WKCEarly model WKCEarly model WKCEarly model WKCEarly model WKCEarly model WKCEarly model WKCEarly model WKCEarly model WKC

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    Ivan as far as i know WKC always used a release button.
    Futhermore it has a leather bufferpad instead of the red filt WKC used.
    The scabbard looks fine to me but it has flathead screws instead of the domeheads i expected.

    Lets wait what the marine experts say about this one.


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    The scabbard is an early one WKC used with the narrower bands, the thick leather buffer pad is normaly seen when the butt plate below the cross guard is of a smaller dimension than the one on the scabbard throat, probably for more support for the hilt, ive seen this before on 1st model WKCs. The screws may be replacements, as gerrit says WKCs are normally seen with dome head screws, these flat ones are seen on Alcoso. Early navys often had no release button, a cost cutting measure I believe, a sharp pull was used to release the blade. The sailing ship blade is correct for an early WKC, they stopped using the ship about 1938 and then only used the fouled anchor. This is a converted 1st model so the eagle pommel replaced the ball pommel, not sure of the make of the eagle but it looks genuine. Nice orange grip and correct wire wrap. Nice WKC with all early features.

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    The pommel is the correct replacement pommel.

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    I agree with Tomaz that this is an original early WKC but IMO navy daggers without a release button or some other kind of locking device are very rare. As some of you know, I have seen and own many navy daggers and also quite a few imperial navy daggers and only one of them has no release button BUT it does have a locking mechanism. Here's a picture of it. If someone owns a navy dagger without release button and without locking mechanism, please post some pictures here because that would be very interesting.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Early model WKC   Early model WKC  

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    Thank you guys

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    Oops bit of a typing error by me there, I should have said sometimes had instead of often had when referring to the exclusion of a release button, sorry about that stingray hope it didn't lead to any confusing about this dagger.

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    Here are few more shots under the leather.


    Early model WKCEarly model WKC

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    This is strange. The blade has the normal locking mechanism but no release button? I have never seen this before. Normally the blade would be stuck in the scabbard if this mechanism can't be used (pressed down) with a release button. Can we see a picture of the scabbard throat? Did you check under the portepee? Occasionally the crossguard is placed the other way around and the release button is on the frontside.


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    I agree with Danny. I have never encountered such a set up either. Everything on this piece is proper and good-except for the lack of release button. I would wonder what is beneath that portapee.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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