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Kriegsmarine Dagger

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    Quote by amiklic1 View Post
    Usually, only late Eickhorn daggers, with "over the shoulder" mark are seen with steel scabbards.
    Usually, faked scabbards are not made of steel, as it is not so nice material to press in relation with brass,
    so al the fakes I've seen (with pressed out bands) are made of brass or similar material.

    Here is the one with steel scabbard on Tom Wittman's page, made by Horster:
    Wittmann Militaria #35968 2nd Model Naval Dagger by E.F. Horster
    Hi Amik...Thankyou for providing photo support of the silvered scabbard. So many times....members fight the point with no support for their views. Nice to see this. I cant say if the silver scabbard was part of a production period..but this thread should generate a great discussion. Regards Larry
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    Scott just let me know that the scabbard is magnetic. This means that we can rule out that it is made of brass like most navy scabbards. Is it pre 1945? I don't know but if it is, the only explanation for the silver colour would be that it was cleaned so harshly that all the gilding was removed completely. This could also explain the lack of detail at the bottom of the scabbard. I personally stay away from navy daggers that have pressed out bands.

    Amik: I love Alcoso navy daggers. It's my favourite maker. I would really like to see yours.


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    As said, here is the steel scabbard of my Adolf Braun-marked dagger. This one is magnetic, just to note, so it can't be brass.
    As we know, Adolf Braun used exclusively Alcoso daggers and was stamping them with it's name.
    The scabbard I am showing here was gilded, as is visible based on many remains of the gold color, and is interesting when compared to the one which started this thread as it's sharing the same clear sides of the scabbard bottom, with no leaves on them. Usually, on brass dagger scabbards, decoration goes all around the scabbard.

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    And here is my Adolf Braun dagger, also.

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    Very nice textbook Alcoso/A.Braun KM dagger. I love the orange grip on this one. Thanks for sharing


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