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Kriegsmarine Dagger

Article about: Hi, I am new to this forum, I am looking to buy a Kriegsmarine dagger, but before that, I would appreciate if you could please give me your views. I attach photos of this dagger, best regard

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    Actually Harry, Holler ONLY ever used a sailing ship etch and none other.
    My suspicion here is what you may have heard is that no Uboat was ever featured in the period on a Navy dagger blade except for the U9 Klaas etch.

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    Quote by dr73 View Post
    A sailingship etch on a navy can indicate that it's post war but only in combination with certain makers. Quite a few makers used the sailingship etch in the TR period. Such makers are WKC (also used the fouled anchor), Alcoso and Höller. The one that is shown here is completely original. Also good to see is the springy wire on the grip. Höller is the only maker that used this kind of gripwire on their navies. Only the buffer pad might have been changed because Höller is known to use only leather buffer pads.

    Hi Danny,

    as far as I know Puma, E. Pack&Söhne and Lüneschloss also used sailingship etch in the TR period. And I know early daggers by Höller with a buffer from a red felt.

    Best, Oleg.

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    You are right Oleg. I was just mentioning a few examples. The ones you mention also used the sailingship etch. Lüneschloss is already in my collection but I'm still looking for Pack (almost impossible) and Puma.


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