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Kriegsmarine Dagger - any red flags?

Article about: Your dagger probably manufactured before 1938, because it has earlier F.W.H. logo (with less dash on the thermometer). Additionally portepee as I could see, is not glued to the handle, which

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    Default Kriegsmarine Dagger - any red flags?

    Hello everyone,
    What do you think about this one?

    I find it pretty good.

    You think 400 euro is a fair price?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Kriegsmarine Dagger - any red flags?   Kriegsmarine Dagger - any red flags?  

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    Looks fine to me. The price seem ok too.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    same opinion as Ade.

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    Hi Chris,

    at first sight it looks good, but I mailed my friend Danny to look at it.
    He's a KM specialist and can tell you exactly if the dagger is textbook.
    The more opinions the better

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    A sweet example , the blade still has it's needle tip which is great to see ! also very unusual to see a KM scabbard with no dents and dings . Just one thing that is a lesson to new collector's , in your second pic you can see the damage to the blade by finger prints !! Please do not handle the blade with bare hands as the acids from your skin burn into the steel over time and leave an "etch " mark . Still a nice KM though

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    Thanks for all the feedback. Looking forward to Dannys opinion.
    I already have a feeling this dagger will go for more than 400 euro (which is the price I will offer the seller).

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    I agree with Alan. A nice original KM that has it's original red felt disk and portapee and it still retains some of it's original gilding. The blade etching is nice and clear but, as he said, the fingerprints Do detract from value. 400 Euro would be a decent price.

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    Hi Chris,

    Höller produced far less navy daggers than companies like Eickhorn and WKC. Höller navy daggers are not rare but certainly not common either. I think this is a very nice original Höller navy dagger. The blade seems to be in good condition. The "springy" gripwire is typical for Höller as are the straight scabbard bands. Mostly Höller used flush mounted scabbard screws but the scabbard bands of your dagger certainly look like a Höller product to me. Also the sailing ship etch is correct for Höller navies. Höller never used the "fouled anchor" type. I can't comment on the pommel because I need better pictures to do so. Assuming the pommel is ok too I would say 400 euro for this piece is a steal. Congretulations on this find


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    Ok, Music to my ears. ;-) I might go a little higher than 400 euro then. I checked some dealers on the internet, and the prices seemed pretty high sometimes. I´m afraid more than me will be interested in this dagger...we´ll see what happens. I´ll try to obtain some more photos in the meantime.

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    The seller has written 1933-1937.
    But isn't this one from 1938- ?

    Here's one more picture.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Kriegsmarine Dagger - any red flags?  

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