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Manufacturers and producers of Kriegsmarine daggers.

Article about: Hi guys, ive wondered about this for a while so i thought I would pick your brains a bit with this thread. Although there were at least 17 producers of navy daggers I believe only 4 (possibl

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    Default Manufacturers and producers of Kriegsmarine daggers.

    Hi guys, ive wondered about this for a while so i thought I would pick your brains a bit with this thread.
    Although there were at least 17 producers of navy daggers I believe only 4 (possibly 5) company's manufactured/made parts for them and the other 13 company's used generic parts and/or these 4 company's parts to assemble their daggers.
    Eickhorn, WKC, Holler and Alcoso were I think (but not 100% sure) the only manufacturers of navy daggers.

    Horster, Weyersberg, Clemen & Jung, Luneschloss and Puma produced quite a few navy daggers but they all used generic parts. Adolf Braun who was a retailer used parts supplied by Alcoso.
    Krebs and Klaas are quite rare and the ones ive seen are assembled from generic parts.
    The extremely rare ones like SMF, Pack, Tiger, Voos and Wingen are hardly ever seen and some may even be one offs, the only ones of these ive seen are pictured in Wittmann's navy book. SMF, Pack and Tiger are pictured with generic parts, the Voos has Holler parts and the Wingen appears to be fit with a much earlier style blade and cross-guard, possibly from an M19 or M21 and close inspection of the pommel looks like a hand enhanced Holler pommel.
    Id be surprised if any of these company's manufactured navy parts considering the very small number of these in existence.

    So with 2 quite rare, 5 extremely rare and Alcoso supplying Adolf Braun that only leaves 5 other regular producers of navy daggers to be supplied with parts, so I think its very possible that Eickhorn, WKC and Holler manufactured and supplied these company's with generic and their standard parts to assemble navy daggers.
    Apart from these 4 (Eickhorn, WKC, Holler and Alcoso) and generic parts ive never consistently seen other parts that I could attribute solely to one other company making up a navy dagger.
    What do you think, do you think that any other company made parts for navy daggers?
    I would like to hear your thoughts on what I have said above. The more information the better. Thanks to anyone who replys.
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    Circuit advertisement Manufacturers and producers of Kriegsmarine daggers.
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    Come on guys where's all the knowledgeable people on here, its looking like you just want to look at pictures. Cant I pick anyone's brains with this, my first thread.

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    Hi Tomaz...I have to agree that producers suplied each other under certain circumstances of production quote in trade for other services. Also are the silent entity subcontractors who have contributed some of these fittings we see on the producers you named above.

    Members dr73 and Gerrit would be able to elaborate more on the Kriegsmarine dagger fittings. I have always believed..that this type dagger is one of the most beautiful of all TR daggers. Regards Larry
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