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My latest purchase

Article about: Far from mint but thank you

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    Thank you everybody
    This is a very friendly forum compared to others which i wont name.

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    Nice My favorite dagger along the SA's I have a plain blade too. Still looking for decent engraved blade at decent price Things getting soooo expensive

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    Quote by Blitzkrieg Bop View Post
    Really nice. I wish I could afford items such as these.
    me too! really sweet dagger, wish I could find stuff like that in my area. great pick up Luke, your lucky.

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    Default Re: My latest purchase

    You can still get these unmarked armys,navys,2nd lufts at sensible prices
    Just dont buy them from the big names in the buisness, and get friendly
    with the smaller guys.

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    The pommel is a typical Alcoso pommel. The scabbard has the typical Alcoso scabbard bands but lacks the typical Alcoso side screws. The crossguard is not an Alcoso part. The personalization is very nice. It is true that unmarked navy blades exist. In fact they are much rarer than the etched ones. The funny thing is that collectors pay a lot more for an etched piece. The shape of the upper part of the blade bothers me. I can't say I've seen this shape before.


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    I've just taken another good look at the crossguard. It seems one of the crossguard arms is longer than the other. Or is this just the picture? Another thing I noticed is the lacking of the release button. This is not a good sign. I would say it's a post war part. I have never seen any original TR navy dagger without a release button.


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    I hate to be a naysayer also, but I don't like this dagger. The engraving on the guard looks off and, as Danny said, where is the release button? There seems to be absolutely no trace of any gilding anywhere that I can see. The whole piece Seems to exhibit general wear, such as on the anchor of the guard, etc-even on the "SF" initials, but the Grip is absolutely spotless and looks totally unhandled. It would not be for my collection.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    A nice addition to your collection there and it appears to be in mint condition from the photos unless my tired, knackered eyes missed something!

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    Looks good to me. Well done dude

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    The crossguard to me looks period and the arms are the same length...also all parts fit perfectly and there are daggers with no gilding left out there. this dagger has honest wear all over it including the original pm to Danny was about the crossguard it looks older to me than the pommel/ scabbard
    When was this pattern crossguard first used on KM daggers?

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